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Trek Project One Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Project One Bike

trek project one bike   Trek Project One Bike

If you’ve ever wanted to build a custom bike fit exactly to your needs and wants, Trek’s Project One just might be the thing you’re looking for.  The Trek Project One Custom Bike Program allows you to turn your biking ideas into reality by letting you customize your own set. Building your own bike is now at your fingertips in three easy steps:

Create It:

This is where you get to build your bike up from scratch. Just pick your overall options, a paint scheme you fancy and maybe even throw in your own name for it.  Once that’s all taken care of, just send your idea to a Trek dealer.

Complete It:

Head on over to your local Trek dealer to make adjustments and fine-tune your specs, sizes and colors with the help of a Trek Project One Pro Fit Consult. Make your downpayment to seal the deal.

Ride It:

Once it’s all done,…

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Team RadioShack Road Bike Available at Trek Project One

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team RadioShack Road Bike Available at Trek Project One

team radioshack road bike available trek project one   Team RadioShack Road Bike Available at Trek Project One

If you are a fan of the Team RadioShack Trek Madone road bike, you will be excited to hear it is available at Trek Project One. For those that do not know, Project One is Trek’s customization website were you can design and build your own road bike. For now, this is the only way you can purchase a Team RadioShack replica, but does that mean something is available in the future?

Right off the back of creating your Team RadioShack Trek Madone you will be charged $1,679.98, and this is just for the team paint job. On a lighter side, $200 of your purchase will go to the Lance Armstrong foundation. Moving forward, each frame will be hand painted by the people that did the official team Radio Shack bikes, plus using all the decals. Each frame will…

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