pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Novara Transfer Urban Bike

2012 novara transfer urban bike   2012 Novara Transfer Urban Bike
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Allowing riders to get from one location to another in the city with speed, comfort, and confidence, the Transfer is another exciting urban bike from Novara for 2012. Excellently designed, the frame of the Transfer makes mounting really easy to guarantee a hassle-free ride in town.

Ride quality is made very smooth by the bike’s powder-coated steel construction, which also brings a lot of strength needed to tackle rough roads and heavy loads. As compared to a traditional cassette systems, the Shimano Nexus internally geared rear hub gives 7 smooth-shifting gears and is low-maintenance.
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Packed with impressive components, the 2012 Novara Transfer Urban Bike is the ultimate machine for city rides. After stopping, the generator-powered Basta headlight in the front hub stays on for four minutes. Also, rear visibility is enhanced by…

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