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Rapha Knock for Knock Trailer

rapha knock for knock trailer   Rapha Knock for Knock Trailer

Here is the trailer for the new Rapha Knock for Knock film directed by Anthony Crook.

Knock for Knock is a partnership between Rapha and RSA Films, written by James Bowthorpe and was shot in Tokyo. The film is about a journey one cyclists takes while battling his own demons.

Rapha’s Knock for Knock will debut April 5th in Hoxton London, but if you can’t make the showing, the film will be live online.

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Awesome Land Women of Dirt Movie Trailer

Awesome Land Women of Dirt is a movie that focuses on some of the greatest women riders in the world and their lifestyles that pushes them to ride. Made by filmmakers Bones Over Metal, Awesome Land Women of Dirt includes Darcy Turenne, Kathy Pruitt, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Stephanie Nychka, Tammy Donahugh, Katrina Strand, Lisa Myklak, Emily Johnston, Cierra Smith, and Dawn Cashen. The Women of Dirt movie will make a debut on February 5th 2010 in Seattle Washington. For now, enjoy the trailer.

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Nintendo Wii Cyberbike Game Official Trailer

We featured the new Nintendo Wii Cyberbike a couple weeks back, and a recent update has hit the net, we now can see it in action! The official trailer is presented above, and we must admit the game play looks amazing. A few other games can be used with the Nintendo Wii Cyberbike, although the most notorious is apart of the new Wii Sports pack, a game where you can compete amongst friends in a cycling race, but it has been said a new cycling game will release in this package. Specific release date has not been issued yet, but should hit retailers in 2010.

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