pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sexy Bicycles Fixed Gear, Track, 9 Speed Bikes

sexy bicycles fixed gear track 3 speed bikes   Sexy Bicycles Fixed Gear, Track, 9 Speed Bikes

Before we get started on the brand, we would like to mention these bikes are sexy, but the name of the company is actually Sexy Bicycles, and here we have a lineup of their fixed gear, track bikes and 9 speeds. Sexy Bicycles is based out of Perth Western Australia, and is new to the business, while their creations are colorful and sleek. The first lineup is known as “Release One”, and features 9 limited edition bike models including 3 fixed gears, 3 track bikes, and 3 9 speed bikes that use a internal hub. Each model is produced in limited quantities of 9, 18, 27. Check out all the pictures below.

Sexy Bicycles Wavelength

Sexy Bicycles Pressure

Sexy Bicycles Purist Green

Sexy Bicycles Blue Business

Sexy Bicycles Sun Light

Sexy Bicycles Release

Sexy Bicycles Mars

Sexy Bicycles Venus

Sexy Bicycles Alchemy…

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