pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies

2011 electra townie 7d ladies   2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies

Electra has launched an innovative women’s bike called the Townie 7D. Inspired by design innovation, the Townie is a rebel when it comes to contemporary bike frame geometry. Comfort, torque, and efficiency are offered by the inventive road bike power-riding position.

One of the best features of the Townie is the Flat Foot Technology, a creative means to allow riders to put both their feet flat on the ground at a stop at any time they want without leaving the saddle. This provides more stability, control, and convenience to women riders.

Along with the superb quality components of the 2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies are its luxury detailing and magnificent style. Aside from being very easy to mount and dismount, the bike guarantees comfort with its full leg extension, low center of gravity, and ergonomic saddle with elastomer bumpers.

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