pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour de New York Invites Cyclists for 2010 Race

tour de new york invites cyclists 2010 race   Tour de New York Invites Cyclists for 2010 Race

New York is no stranger when it comes to hosting cycling events. From the 1890s to present, it has seen its share of unforgettable races. This year’s Tour de New York aims to be a benchmark for the future tours of the city.

The Tour de New York began in 2004 as a one-day criterium. In 2007, it progressed to become a UCI event. 2008 saw the Tour blossom into a three-day race with nearly 60,000 people witnessing the occasion. However, due to the global economic crisis, the organizers had to suspend the Tour until now.

2010 Tour de New York will start on August 7 in Rochester then a time trial at Lake Ontario on August 8. August 9-12 will be for the four road stages with an 80 mile to 115 mile course. The routes are still being finalized but will most likely end in New York’s west side.

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