pinit fg en rect gray 20   India Hosts First Ever Tour de Mumbai

india hosts first ever tour de mumbai   India Hosts First Ever Tour de Mumbai

The Tour de Mumbai will be held this weekend as India hosts the first-ever UCI-sanctioned road racing event in the country.

It certainly appears that a lot is riding on this event, since not only does the race feature several world-class cyclists racing with the best riders that India has to offer, but the race organizers are also looking for the race to boost public awareness of the sport.

Baqar Nasser, a former Indian national champion and now a member of the race committee, says that he is already excited at the opportunity of seeing so many top-notch cyclists competing in the invitation-only event. He adds that the local talent will be expected to race with a high level of competition. “I think they will be in the top 10,” Nasser says of the Indian cycling team.

The Tour de Mumbai is also supported by legendary cyclist Eddie Merckx, who…

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