pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

2011 tortola roundatail bike frame   2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

With combined lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, the Roundtail is one interesting bike frame from Tortola. What makes this bike frame stand out is its unique design by Lou Tortola, a bike designer from Windsor, Canada.

What the Roundtail design offers is ten times the vertical flex and more than sixty times the shock absorption of a traditional frame. Instead of a usual triangle, the design integrates a ring at the rear.

Expected from the unique shape of the rings, as claimed by Tortola, are aerodynamic advantages. However, the 2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame seems to involve too much metal. The Roundtail is also claimed to be ideal for promoting the corporate sponsors that cycling teams so greatly depend on.

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