2012 vittoria torque mountain bike shoes   2012 Vittoria Torque Mountain Bike Shoes

Complete made in Italy, the shoes range by Vittoria for 2012 offers two highly sophisticated mountain bike shoes, one of which is the Torque. Aside from having soles made from nylon, the shoes are closed with two Velcros and ratchets.

Moreover, the sole of the Torque comes with a highly grippy polymer. Made from synthetic leather, the uppers of the shoes are water-repellant. In order to offer fine adjustments, the shoes use CRS fastening system that makes it easier to conform to any foot shape.

For mountain bike riders who are looking for a lightweight performance shoe, the 2012 Vittoria Torque Mountain Bike Shoes is a great choice. Like the other models in this 2012 shoe range, the Torque offers both style and performance.

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