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Topeak Defender FX Front Fender

topeak defender fx front fender   Topeak Defender FX Front Fender

Looking for the perfect front fender for your mountain bike? Then you might want to check out the Topeak Defender FX Front Fender. The latest front fender from Topeakis designed specifically for mountain bikes with suspension forks. The front half is higher than the back, and it ships in two halves.

One great thing about the Topeak Defender Front Fender is that it can easily be attached and detached on your bike depending on your mood. This awesome and practical fender attaches to the fork via a quick release that fits snugly in the fork crown.

This front fender is 23” long by 3.5” wide by 6” tall and weighs 180g. Topeak’s latest creation is made from injection-molded nylon, making it one of the most durable front fenders available on the market today. Get these great fenders for only $24.99…

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Topeak-Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain Bike

topeak ergon canyon grand canyon cf team mountain bike   Topeak Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain Bike

Team Topeak-Ergon has just recently released the latest look of the machine Canyon hardtail. With Ritchey WCS Carbon seatpost, Ritchey superlogic carbon handlebars, Ritchey WCS carbonmatrix 4-axis stem and Terry Fly RSR Team Edition saddle, making its components maximize the power of speed and control.

Built with Grand Canyon CF frame and RockShox SID Worldcup Team fork, The Topeak-Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain bike gives the true essence of what it takes to be a team….

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Topeak 2011 iPhone Dry Bag

topeak 2011 iphone dry bag   Topeak 2011 iPhone Dry Bag

If you listen to your iPhone or iPod while cycling and ride during the rainy season, Topeak has released the iPhone Dry Bag as a part of its 2011 accessories.

The Topeak iPhone Dry Bag uses a TPU touch window, allowing you to switch songs while riding, and molded foam that absorbs shock encountered on the road.

You can mount the iPhone dry bag to your stem, handlebars or top tube. Two fastening options are available: the QuickClick™ system and optional stem cap mount.

Weighing in at a mere 45 grams, the iPhone dry bag is available at Topeak retailers.

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Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack

babyseat ii disc mount rack   Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount RackMany cyclists would like to bring their children while riding and would find Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack a good item to help them bring their kids and enjoy cycling at a young age.  The good thing about this rack is that it can do more than just being a mount rack for baby seats. 

BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack is made from strong tubes made of aluminum to give you a very durable rack that will be able to bring additional weight not by the baby seat but also the kid or other contents.  This rack is totally compatible with the BabySeat brand as well as other luggage offered by Topeak.  These aluminum tubes are also used for the tracks where the rear baskets are since they will perfectly fit without using any tools and keep them in place. 

Another feature included on this track is that it has a…

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Topeak’s Bar’n Mirror

topeak bar n mirror 300x292   Topeak’s Bar’n MirrorFor those who use the bike as a means of transportation when going to work will find Topeak’s Bar’n Mirror a very good accessory that they can use for their daily ride. This is because it will surely be helpful in keeping them safe and secure during the entirety of the ride.

Topeak’s Bar’n Mirror is a bar end accessory with mirrors on it. This means that instead of having the plain bar end, you will be able to make them look their best because of this gray, black-lined bar end. This bar end is very slim with a measurement of just around 1.3 inches. It would make you feel that you are just extending your bar. The materials used to make this product are plastic as well as forged aluminum with the weight of less than a pound for the two bar enders.

Its main…

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