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2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame

2012 tomac diplomat 29 frame   2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame

Tomac Bikes has reintroduced its famous frame called Diplomat 29 for 2012. Combining maximum efficiency and outstanding agility, this 6069 aluminum frame guarantees an enjoyable ride. In order to accommodate high-volume tires, it offers sufficient tire clearance.

Tomac designed the Diplomat 29 with its proprietary IAS suspension design and a 71-degree head tube angle. Moreover, the frame offers 120mm rear travel, which is designed for a 120 travel fork, in a solid and quick handling package.
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When sharp handling is regarded as a prerequisite, the 2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame is a highly recommended machine. Its tapered head tube enhances its stiffness while its direct mount derailleur offers crisp shifting. Including the Fox RP23 shock, the frame has a total weight of only 3.1kg.

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2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 tomac snyper 140 frame   2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

Tomac Bikes has redesigned one of the best-selling mountain bike frames for 2012, which is called the Snyper 140. It is built from a first-rate 6069 aluminum frame that comes with mountain bike-specific features, making the bike a great machine for those who enjoy all-day rides in rough terrain.

With exceptional pedaling efficiency, this stiff and light frame allows the rider to smoothly slide along the rough terrain. Aside from triple butted 6069 top and down tubes, the Snyper 140 utilizes CNC machined shock and rocker link mounts and forged aluminum shock mounts.

Featuring a completely new design, the 2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame integrates the very much desired Instant Active Suspension (IAS) suspension design. Through this new IAS system, response time to bump forces is improved. Also, the frame works with Shimano, SRAM, and FSA front derailleurs.

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2012 Tomac Type X Carbon 29er Hardtail Frameset

2012 tomac type x carbon 29er hardtail frameset   2012 Tomac Type X Carbon 29er Hardtail Frameset

New from Tomac for 2012 is a new carbon 29er hardtail frameset called Type X. Combining exceptional speed and incredibly light weight, the frameset offers an unparalleled performance. All the power of the riders is translated straight into the pedals at the point where the down tube meets the bottom bracket.

In order to deliver forward moment from the energy of the rider, the Type X is nicely shaped and oversized. Engineered for an 8 or 100mm travel fork, the Type X comes with a brake bridge, CNC aluminum dropouts, short chain stays, as well as a longer front end.

For a medium size, the 2012 Tomac Type X Carbon 29er Hardtail Frameset weighs in at only 1.1kg. This makes it one of the lightest carbon 29er framesets on the market today. Available on all size frames are dual water bottles.

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2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm

2011 tomac supermatic 120mm   2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm

With its full carbon front and rear triangle, the 2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm is incredibly lightweight. Designed to make the single pivot design as light as possible, this bike has a five pound frame equipped with a Fox RP23 shock.

A dual triangle design in the front triangle and rear triangle makes an extremely stiff and light frame. With excellent stiffness to weight ratios, Tomac eradicates flex for enhanced riding comfort. Adding to the chassis design are the geometry testing and actual suspension on the trail.

Numerous industry technology advances make the 2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm an excellent mountain bike. It owes its reliable performance in mountain biking to its strategic pivot location. This reduces pedaling forces on the suspension and removes brake jack while enabling the bike to tackle bumps.

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