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Token Ironman Belt Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Token Ironman Belt Set

ironman belt set   Token Ironman Belt SetMany cyclists would like to bring more water as much as possible and that is what Ironman Belt Set can do.  This is a small item and yet be a real ironman because of its features. 

First of all, Ironman Belt Set made by Token is a black Neoprene belt and can serve as an answer for people who love to drink lots of water throughout their biking sessions.  A regular water bottle may not be enough for you and you may not be able to place a lot of water cage to bring water to your bike so you will find Ironman Belt Set helpful for you.  This belt has four compartments where you can place four additional bottles and carry it like a belt.  

You have a number of options in getting Ironman Belt Set.  First, you have size options starting from small that will fit a waistline of…

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Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial

token momenta 3 2010 time trial   Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial

2010 brings a nice lineup of various bikes from Token, as we already showcased the Pista RV, now we have the Momenta 3 time trial. The Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial is decked out with Token components, like most Token Bikes, which features TK9933 frame, T585 wheelset, TK-FC7231 crankset, and TK959T saddle. Available in a light blue, red, white and black.

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Token Pista-RV Single Speed Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Token Pista RV Single Speed Bike

token pista rv single speed bike   Token Pista RV Single Speed Bike

New from Token Bikes is the Pista-RV, a light and fast single speed (or fixed gear) bike. Information and specific details are not known, but what information we have thus far is all components (including the frame) is in house made by Token, which includes TK9930 frame, TK9641ATP wheelset, TK2051 crankset, and TK974AK drop handlebars. Token retailers should have this model soon if not already, but the retail price is not known just yet.

Source: Pedalconsumption

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