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BLB Freestyle Pedals & Color Double Toe Straps

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BLB Freestyle Pedals & Color Double Toe Straps

blb freestyle pedals color double toe straps   BLB Freestyle Pedals & Color Double Toe Straps

Brick Lane Bikes also known as BLB released some new freestyle pedals and color double toe straps. BLB double toe straps use leather binding patch, triple layer black suede and camo, and a plastic sandwich layer with more stitching. Now the BLB freestyle pedals come in array of fluorescent colors, BMX style with grips to prevent your foot from sliding, and holes for you to fit straps easier. Overall, the wide color selection will allow you to color code your fixed gear, which many of us love to do.

Source: Pedal Consumption

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Toe Straps with Spikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Toe Straps with Spikes

toe straps with spikes   Toe Straps with Spikes

The fixed gear word is limitless when it comes to design, allowing for manufactures like Japanese bike bag makers Crank to throw down some creative pieces like these spiky toe straps. Although these toe straps are not for everyone, you got to appreciate the wide range of diversity that composes the fixie culture. Whether it’s gear splashed with vibrant colors or toe straps embellished in spikes, fixed is one of the more expressive styles of riding out there.

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