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Cyglo Night Bright Tyres

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cyglo Night Bright Tyres

night bright tyres 223x300   Cyglo Night Bright TyresCyglo’s Night Bright Tyres are the newest innovative approach to bicycle safety on the road. Using LED bulbs built in the tire treads, the cyclist simply switches on a motion sensor within the tire which activates the LED bulbs and then your tires can be seen rolling on the road under various lighting conditions.

For increased visibility on the road, the LED bulbs can be turned on permanently or it can be on a flashing mode. As you ride your bike, the flashing lights form a circle, illuminating your tires on the road. As you pedal, there is a transfer of power which is also used to power up the bulbs.

Newly patented by its founder James Tristram in UK and US, Cyglo Night Bright Tires brings bicycle safety on the road to a new level. It recently won a contest in BBC and inventors are now looking for partners to…

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GEAX Saguaro Tubular Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   GEAX Saguaro Tubular Tires

geax saguaro tubular tires 1 300x114   GEAX Saguaro Tubular TiresThe GEAX Saguaro MTB tubular tires will soon come out to fit a 29er mountain bike. Larger than the 26”, it features an ultra high count cotton casing with 290 tpi. It also has the SAGUARO tread pattern. Measuring at 2.0”, the Saguaro tire has its casing with a latex tube sewn inside. This allows a fully air-tight system.

The tires are 99% handmade although the tread pattern isn’t. The tubulars are hand sewn and each tire takes 8 hours of careful handiwork. As per GEAX’s product manager S. Bressan, “As handmade tubular manufacturer, we always highly recommend to use glue/mastic over adhesive tape to glue tubulars on: Due to the small sewing protrusion on our tubulars (mentioned above), the tape cannot fully adapt to it and fulfill all the empty space that remains between a sewed casing and a flat tubular rim. The glue instead adapts to it and…

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Fusion 3 Hutchinson Tires

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fusion 3 hutchinson tires 165x300   Fusion 3 Hutchinson TiresHutchinson combines puncture resistance, with the best grip and performance in the Fusion 3 tires. Weighing less than the Fusion 2 by 10 grams, the Fusion 3 is only 210 grams for its 700x23c size.

It features a triple thermoplastic rubber compound. The hard rubber at its center, making it resistant to wear and tear. It also lowers the rolling resistance of the tire. To provide better performance, the Fusion 3 has a softer intermediate rubber to make sure that the tension felt on the tire is distributed evenly. The lateral rubber is very soft to allow a strong grip at the tightest of corners.

The Kevlar Pro-Tech layer is at work to make sure that punctures are less likely to occur. The Kevlar reinforcement is found between the tread and the 127tpi casing.

The tires come in colors black, silver, yellow, red, blue, pink and ivory. A RoadTubeless is also…

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Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

hutchinson road tires 1 165x300   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross TiresHutchinson debuts quite a number of upgraded new tires for all types of riding along with the new RTI carbon clincher road tubeless wheelset. As of the latest reports, the Atom and Fusion are soon to be shipped out with new tints. The Hutchinson Cobra’s 29” models are now on the drawing boards for finishing touches and soon to be introduced in the spring of 2011, while the Toro currently has a new 2.35 size for both 26 inch and 29 inch models.

The German Off-Road Series now permits 29ers in their races, as a line of 29” models are being designed for the mountain bikes that go underway. A rise in the demand for big wheel mountain bikes has indicated a substantial increase in the German market.

Top of the line models now at Hutchinson are the new carbon bead (versus Kevlar) of Bulldog and Piranha CX Cyclocross tires….

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Schwalbe Stelvio Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwalbe Stelvio Tires

schwalbe stelvio tires 300x286   Schwalbe Stelvio TiresEven with the mudguards being off, you can still be assured to achieve combined performance and speed with Schwalbe Stelvio Tire. In fact, they even came up with a specially designed series in color green to be in line with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

These are very easy to fit in since it does not require any tire levers. It lays well on the rim and adjusts perfect enough when you start to put in pressure in its tube. Its total weight is just around 237g and they really roll on the road perfectly. These are tough as well for it can live up to the performance of even the high-mileage tires. Even when you have gotten it out of the packet, you will not feel any slight chance of heaviness.

No matter how tough the roads ahead of you may turn out, you can be sure that these tires…

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Schwalbe Rocket Ron & Nobby Nic Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwalbe Rocket Ron & Nobby Nic Tires

schwalbe rocket ron nobby nic tires   Schwalbe Rocket Ron & Nobby Nic Tires

For 2010, Schwalbe added new versions on its Evolution line under the Rocket Ron and Nobby Nic models. The new tires also come in 29-inch sizes.

Rocket Ron and Nobby Nic are well known in the MTB circuit because of Schwalbe’s Triple Nano compound that provides a strong grip without sacrificing your need for speed. Both models boast stable and dependable tires with U-blocks placed to improve grip at the corners.

The Nobby Nic 29er has side protection due to “snakeskin” feature unique to this model. The “all grounder” tire weighs 645 grams. It is the tire to get if you decide to ride under extreme conditions. With super grip and low resistance features, the tire gives good traction and is durable to withstand conditions from wet to muddy.

The Rocket Ron is much lighter than the Nobby Nic. It has a 127 EPI EVO casing and weighs only 520 grams. This tire…

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Duro Fixie Pops Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Duro Fixie Pops Tires

duro fixie pops tires   Duro Fixie Pops Tires

Here is a sneak peak of whats to come from Duro, their new fixed gear tire lineup called Fixie Pops. The Duro Fixie Pops Tires will first showcase at the Taipei International Cycle Show that takes place March 17th through the 20th. Each of the Duro fixie pops tires come in their own color theme, and is available in one size of 700 x 24. Utilizing a 3mm under tread and a 60tpi casing. Made specifically for skidding, a total of 9 colors will release in May, while in the summer a 700 x 32 size will launch.

Source: Urbanvelo

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