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Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires

origin8 29er tires 1 300x300   Origin8 29er Captiv8er, Agit8er Tires

The company that gave you Duro Tire introduces Origin8 29er Tires. The two models, Captiv8er and Agit8er, are designed to withstand hard riding with a Kevlar belt under the treads for tire flat protection.

The Agit8er 29er was originally dubbed the “Duro Miner 29er”. It weighs around 710g and is made for XC racing and training. Tire pressure is at 65 psi with a tire thread count of 60 tpi. The Agit8er has small square center blocks that are placed in a “V” pattern. With gray sidewall and Aramid bead, the Agit8er has an MSRP of $30.

For trail riding, the Captiv8er was meant to be called “Gremlin” under Duro Tire. It features the same tire pressure and thread count as the Agit8er. It has a rounded profile with widely placed low square blocks for tight grip at high speeds. With an ISO diameter of 622mm, the Captiv8er weighs around 820g…

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Hutchinson Serenity No-Flat Tire System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Serenity No Flat Tire System

hutchinson serenity no flat tire system 204x300   Hutchinson Serenity No Flat Tire System

Hutchinson tires unveils the Serenity, an airless tire system which boasts of a flat-proof ride. Developed together with Biron Engineering, the Serenity is not one solid rubber tire. Instead, it is made with a microcell foam that is a light, strong and durable composite structure with 50psi.

The new Serenity tires means no more air pressure maintenance because the tires don’t have air in them. It has low rolling resistance and has no rim beads.

Hutchinson also reduces waste materials with the Serenity and provides you the option to mix and match the treads to your desired composite structures. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from and although a 700c version is still in development, there are now 20, 24 and 26 inch versions of the tire.

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2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

2011 wtb bronson tires and stryker wheels 285x300   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

WTB introduces its Bronson tires for 2011 for all-mountain riding. The Bronson tire was built around WTB’s TCS bead. Coming out with the 2011 Stryker wheels, the Bronson tire comes in three sizes 2.1″ and 2.3″ for 26″ wheels and 2.2″ for 29ers.

Jason Moeschler of WTB says, “Instead of having to use ridiculously sticky rubber for traction, we opted to design a better tread pattern. This allows us to use a firm, durable compound, greatly improving tire life.”

The tread pattern of the tires are widely spaced U-shaped knobs that can cover a larger area and allows shedding of the mud easily. For race tires, the Bronson retails for $55. As for tubeless, retail price is $65.

WTB also launches its Stryker Wheels ,which uses 7000-series aluminum rims. It also features triple-butted WTB spokes and WTB hubset. The wheels weighs 1465 grams. It will be available in November.

The WTB Stryker Wheels…

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2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber Queen

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber Queen

2011 continental tires 1 300x200   2011 Continental Tires: Der Kaiser, Der Baron, Rubber QueenMore 2011 Continental tires were revealed for all-mountain riding and long travel use at Interbike 2010. These were the Der Kaiser, Der Baron and Rubber Queen tires. The Der Kaiser and Der Baron tires share tire height of 2.5″ and tire width of 2.3″. Aimed to cater to all-mountain enthusiasts, the Der Baron uses Black Chilli rubber compound. This allows the tire to be ready for damp trails and greasy roads. The Der Baron was also known as the Rain King last year.

The Black Chilli compound is a soft rubber of the best kind. It is mainly for race use and it’s notable that despite it being soft and sticky, it shows great resistance to tearing. This makes the rubber last longer instead of easy wear. All tires that use Black Chilli are handmade in Germany, at the Korbach Continental factory.

The Der Kaiser is a tire made for dry…

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Freedom ThickSlick Urban Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freedom ThickSlick Urban Tires

freedom thickslick urban tires 300x195   Freedom ThickSlick Urban Tires2010 Interbike saw Freedom Bicycle and its white ThickSlick Urban Tires. The tires are extremely durable with its dual protective rubber casing that’s engineered to withstand the wear and tear of urban riding. The ThickSlick tires feature Freedom Bicycle’s Urban Armor casing tire technology and uses an anit-puncture belt made of Kevlar bits that molds itself to the circumference and tread width of the tire.

The 700x25c tire comes in four models. These are Elite, Elite Folding, Deluxe and Sport. The Elite version weighs 480 grams, the heaviest among the line-up. The lightest is the Sport, at 445 grams. The Elite Folding and Deluxe weighs 450 grams and 460 grams, respectively.

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Fyxation Sessions 700x23c Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fyxation Sessions 700x23c Tires

fyxation sessions 700x23c tires   Fyxation Sessions 700x23c Tires

Fyxation has announced they are shipping out the 700x23c tires, built for the hardest urban city riding.

The Fyxation Sessions 700x23c tires use a Kevlar belt to protect against nasty thorns or anything the streets throw at you. Full wrap around thread keeps the traction in tact, plus each tire is 120TPI and foldable. Fyxation says the Sessions are not sold as a skidding tire, but if you are looking to skid, they recommend the Dual Compounds (DC Session) in black.

Retail price is $49.95, and available in Green, Pink, Orange, White, Black.

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2011 Continental Mountain King, X-King Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Continental Mountain King, X King Tires

2011 continental mountain king x king tires   2011 Continental Mountain King, X King Tires

Continental will change the Mountain King tire in 2011, and also add a new race tire known as the X-King.

For the Continental 2011 Mountain King tire, they have removed the Endless Edge technology, and added side knobs, lugs, with various sizes and compounds. In the end, the Mountain King is more aggressive than the previous years.

For XC or All Mountain enthusiasts, the 2011 X-King tire is tailored for you. The tread is designed for the tires weight to be lighter and a smoother ride.

Both tires are available now at Continental retailers.

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