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2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

2011 michelin pro4 road bike tire range   2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

Michelin introduced the new PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range during its 120th anniversary celebration this 2011. The new bike tires offer enhanced longevity and performance. As compared to the PRO3, the PRO4 Service Course improves wet surface cornering speed by 16%.

On the other hand, the PRO4 features a better cut resistance and a new dual compound tread as well. In rolling resistance, the Comp Service Course offers a 7% improvement with a 150tpi casing and minimal 180g weight.

Four tires are included in the 2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range. These are the Endurance with longer tire life and enhanced protection, Service Course with all-around performance, Comp Service Course with rolling efficiency emphasis, and Comp Limited Service Course with unprecedented rolling efficiency and maximized for speed.

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2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire

2011 vredestein fortezza tricomp 700x23c tire   2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire

One of the best-selling tires from Vredestein this year, 2011, is the Fortezza Tricomp. Riders love this all-rounder because of its amazing ride feel and its excellent ability to tackle punctures, thanks to its Sportex protection layer. In the corners, the tire offers an excellent level of grip, too.

The only downside is that this 227g tire is not the lightest one available on the market. Still, this is one of the best performing tires and most versatile ones as it can tackle long miles in any weather. The tire can also be a little heavy for full on racing, but they stand out in sportive riding.

For serious riders who are looking for a topnotch sportive and training tire, the 2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire is the perfect choice. Not only is the tire sure footed. It is fast rolling as well. There is a good range of eight…

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2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

2011 panaracer ribmo pt commuter tire   2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

Released for 2011 is a road-commuter’s tire from Panaracer called Ribmo. Along with the Kevlar-belted PT Puncture Resistant Technology is the All Contact Tread Shape, which pertains to the oblong-ish profile of the tire.

With such an unconventional design, the tire can accomplish four things. These include smooth and predictable transition from center to side, maintained contact with the tread, reduced tread cuts through the elongated sidewall surface, and a unique shape that caters to all riders and riding styles.

While the 2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire seems to be innovative, it has some downsides. Since the tire tends to sketch, dive, surf, and drift erratically on variable riding surfaces, it does not tackle ice, snow, muck, mud, and dirt well.

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2011 Kenda King of Traction Mountain Bike Tire

2011 kenda king of traction mountain bike tire 2   2011 Kenda King of Traction Mountain Bike Tire

Designed with aggressive tread pattern, Kenda’s spike tires, called the King of Tractions, guarantees reliable grip in nasty mud. Resistance is kept rolling down by the tires’ lower central knobs and the very hard porcelain-like rubber compound.

On the other hand, this very hard rubber compound has a downside. Riders will find it evident that on damp or hazily slimy surface, especially where there are roots, minimal surface area contact is provided by the V-shaped cross-section with the rough terrain.

To tackle wet and loose terrain with maximum tread clearing and traction, the 2011 Kenda King of Traction Mountain Bike Tire is made with aggressive knobs. Giving the bike sufficient grip on thick mud are the thin, round casing cuts of the tire.

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Bontrager RXL All Weather Plus Tires

bontrager rxl all weather plus   Bontrager RXL All Weather Plus TiresSome tires would say that they have the best tires for “all weather”. Actually, that does not mean that the tires they made are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions like dry or stormy seasons. Saying the tire is “all-weather” actually means that the tire can grip any surfaces. All-weather surfaces can be slippery roads or rocky terrains. Thus the “all-weather” tire is made to surpass these kinds of road conditions. 

The Bontrager RXL is the kind of tire that we call the “all-weather” tire; one that can get the job done. At first look, this tire looks ordinary. The depth of the tire’s tread is slightly deceptive and the center band is as thick as a regular medium clincher. This way the tire rolls good with a supple ride quality that belies the purpose. 

Its compound appears well mixed that provides a resistance to cuts and…

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Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire

hutchinson atom clincher   Hutchinson Atom Clincher TireThere’s been a new change in the Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire who first came out in the market in Road Tubeless guise. They have launched it in a conventional TT or the tube type format which can be easily accessed in the market.

The new changes of this product is the shape of it’s bead-cross section. Thus it now looks like every other TT clincher but with carbon fiber beads instead of the Kevlar fibers that were used in making tires. Less elastic, this carbon bead is much more lighter than the old Kevlar fiber making it secure when it is fitted.

Also, a few changes includes the taking off of the airtight butyl rubber on the inside of the Road Tubeless version thus taking off a 75g weight on the tire itself.

The Atom Comp which is now 195g is good for a 23c tire using a thick…

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Bontrager XR2 Tire

bontrager xr2 tire   Bontrager XR2 Tire

A new addition to the Bontrager 2010 tire line is the XR2, which comes in different variations. The idea of the Bontrager XR2 Tire is to make purchasing a tire easier while tagging each with different name. For example, the XR2 Tire is made for XC racing, this is where the XR comes into play. The 2 signifies the knob rating on each tire, while the lower number equals less knobs. In total, 6 different models are available starting at 2.1 inch 625 gram wire bead, all the way up to 2.3 inch 675 gram team issue folding Tubeless Ready. Retail starts at $29.99 and goes to $59.99.

Source: BikeMagic

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