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2012 Time VRS Fluidity Endurance Road Bike

2012 time vrs fluidity endurance road bike   2012 Time VRS Fluidity Endurance Road Bike

New for endurance racers is the road bike called VRS Fluidity, which has been launched by Time Bicycles. Carefully built and designed, this innovative road bike perfectly combines Integral RTM technology with performance geometry.

In order to reduce road vibrations, the VRS Fluidity is built with Vectran fibers in its main frame, fork, and seatstays. Solid build is also guaranteed by its angular tubes and since it is a pure race bike, its integrated seatmast is a unique feature.

For racers who require maximum comfort, the 2012 Time VRS Fluidity Endurance
Road Bike is the ideal machine. This endurance bike features the very first comfort frame produced by Time. Not only is this frame unique, it offers impressive aesthetics, as well.
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2012 Time Pave Endurance Racing Road Bike Frameset

2012 time pave endurance racing road bike frameset   2012 Time Pave Endurance Racing Road Bike Frameset
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One of the most awaited road bikes for 2012 is the new Pave from Time. By mixing the front and rear ends of two of the existing Time bikes, this carbon fiber race bike was enabled to tackle difficult classics with unparalleled efficiency. For 2012, the Pave will be initially offered as a frameset.

Aside from the frame and the fork, the package will also include a tear drop shape seat post and a patented headset. Other special features of this endurance racing road bike frameset include a asymmetrical chainstays, tapered headtube, and PressFit30 bottom bracket.

With its RX Instinct front triangle and racing-oriented geometry, the 2012 Time Pave Endurance Racing Road Bike Frameset is incredibly fast and stiff. Its frame is built for mechanical only and not for electronic. Whether it is Di2 or EPS, the wires must be run on…

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2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike

2011 time rx instinct road bike   2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike

Time, a French company, has a new bike for 2011 called the RX Instinct. Along with Giant and BMC, Time is one of the only three companies that begin constructing a bike with raw carbon-fiber filament. Moreover, Time features vital control over frame construction and uncompromising attention to carbon tuning.

Strength is increased in the areas where it is deemed necessary by adding secondary fibers such as Kevlar and Vectran. As a fondo-level bike with precise specifications and carefully tuned frame, the RX Instinct is capable of racing but perfect for a wide-ranging of terrains.

With its perfect construction and performance level for long rides, the 2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike is perfect for riders who want a comfortable and stable ride. However, the RX Instinct is not recommended for small riders who prefer a quick-handling ride or a bike that is cheaper in terms of cost…

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2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

2011 time rx instinct carbon frameset   2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

Time has released a carbon frameset for 2011, the RX Instinct. While this frameset enjoys the advantages of an extremely fast road bike, it also features Time’s Ergodrive geometry that offers a more relaxed riding position.

A less aggressive position is achieved, thanks to the taller head tube. This is ideal to sportive riders and to anyone who has a back problem. One topnotch technology featured by the frameset is the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) that makes it a perfect racing machine.

With liquid polyamide fibers, jolts and shocks to the frame are reduced. Built through the unique three-step process of Time, the 2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset is designed for optimal back comfort. This makes it ideal for long-distance riders.

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Time I-Clic Fiberflex Pedals

time i clic fiberflex pedals   Time I Clic Fiberflex PedalsThere are new sets of pedals out in the market today. This pedal that was introduced back in 2009 at Eurobike is now back but with some changes along.  Time’s I-Clic pedal is sort of familiar to  a French manufacturer’s RXX design, but this time it has a composite cleat retention and release system in place of the steel jaw and spring construction of the previous product.

They also made a few changes in the pedal’s body  but it is least expensive and yet it the heaviest among the four pedal models. The body is molded in a fiber reinforced plastic, it weighs at about 260g per pair, it still follows the RXS practice and the axle plus bearings is retained by an external sleeve.

After a ride, this pedal releases a latch trigger which holds the retention jaw open against the spring. When the cleat is inserted, the trigger is…

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Time Atac Pedals

time atac pedals   Time Atac PedalsTime Atac has always been persistent in the market serving lots of cyclist good and reliable pedals to use. The Time Atac pedals are known not just for its constant upgrading in pedal designs, but moreover for keeping up with their basic and original design that really works for many.

Their pedals are known to stay tough under any weather condition and very easy to install and use. They are perfect to be used for mountain bikes, cycling tour bikes, and even the commuter bikes. Regardless of the numerous designs they have already come up with, the basic mechanism design created by Time Atac remains ever the same.

What’s best about it is that their pedals are highly affordable by anyone who is working on a tight budget. Even their Aluim design, which is known to be the cheapest is also known to be the toughest of all kinds. The body…

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Time I-Clic Road Pedals

time i clic road pedals   Time I Clic Road Pedals

Time and pedals go hand and hand, and they have developed a new clipless pedal known as the I-Clic Road pedals, which is based around a carbon blade replacing a spring mechanism for clipping in and out. Easier than before, the Time I-Clic Road Pedals uses a trigger to hold the rear latch open so resistance is low when you need to clip in our out. Due to the carbon spring, the overall weight is lower than your average road pedals, but varies across the different models available. You can choose from titanium pedals (179 grams, retail price is about $394 USD), carbon (235 grams, retail price is about $238 USD), and Fibreflex (260 grams, retail price is about $132 USD).

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