pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tied Together Fixie

tied together fixie 1 300x199   Tied Together Fixie

Nike and joined forces to create the charity project Tied Together. The project was in response to the alarming AIDS/HIV global crisis. The participating cities in this project were New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris.

Teams of 10 were created in each city to map the route for the relay. Participants raced via running, skateboarding and cycling for an hour. The 24-hour relay race was to generate awareness and aid for AIDS/HIV, starting in Africa.

For this event, Nike went all out and issued invitations to designers and artists to showcase their works. Tokyo Fixed Gear was invited to build a bike for the Tied Together show. The result was a design based on the manga, Akira with the frame built by Feather Cycles.

The Tokyo Fixed Gear staff also took part by racing through rains at 2 a.m. together with Bycaboy and the Wilson Brothers,…

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