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Boogerd Willing to Help Dekker Ride Through Suspension

boogerd willing to help dekker ride through suspension   Boogerd Willing to Help Dekker Ride Through Suspension

Michael Boogerd has expressed his willingness to extend a helping hand to compatriot and former teammate Thomas Dekker while the latter undergoes a two-year doping suspension handed down by the UCI last week.

Boogerd says that Dekker is welcome to stay at his home “for two quiet weeks”, should his former teammate need any assistance or support. The two cyclists were part of the Rabobank pro-cycling team until Boogerd’s retirement in 2007.

Michael Boogerd says that Dekker needs to stay motivated if he wants to return to top riding form, and mentions other formerly-suspended cyclists who were able to make a successful return to cycling, such as David Millar and Ivan Basso. He adds that Dekker just needs a chance and hopes that the “doping stigma” will not hound his compatriot for the rest of his life.

For his part, Dekker admits that he definitely deserves a suspension, but…

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Silence-Lotto Rider Thomas Dekker Tests Positive for Drugs

thomas dekker tests positive for drugs   Silence Lotto Rider Thomas Dekker Tests Positive for Drugs

After testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs on December 24th, 2007, Thomas Dekker requested a B test, which also came up positive. Dekker has tested positive for EPO, a banned blood-booster, which led to him not being able to race in this year’s Tour de France. In 2008, he was also not allowed to race in the Tour, and the Rabobank team cited “abnormal blood values” as the reason. Dekker has accepted the test results, and awaits his sanction.

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