pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Wiggle Tandem Going for Distance Records

team wiggle tandem going for distance records   Team Wiggle Tandem Going for Distance Records

They could never hope to equal the elite riders of the sport, physically-wise, but Team Wiggle Tandem is hoping that the high-tech training and equipment available to them will be enough to earn them a long-distance cycling record or two.

David Harmon, the Eurosport cycling commentator, and wilderness guide Jez Hastings are embarking on a two-year mission to win a series of long distance cycling records, all in accordance with the Road Records Association rules.

Harmon says that even though they are both aware of the discrepancies between the past recordholders’ physical prowess and their own, still they are hoping that recent improvements in cycling technology will bring them a good chance of success in their record attempts.

Harmon and Hastings will ride the ‘Rocket 1′ tandem bike, designed and built by Terry Dolan. Using ‘Rocket 1′ will also let the pair assist in testing a set of developmental technology…

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