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Team RadioShack Jersey Meets the Press with Lance Armstrong

The new Team RadioShack jersey did a press conference, well not really but the video provided by Radio Shack uses the jersey in true interview form, while the cameo role is by none other than Lance Armstrong. As the media interviews the Team RadioShack jersey using corny yet funny lines, Lance Armstrong is in the back of the room checking his cell phone and shaking his head. We must say, the video is overall funny, and Lance’s small part just added to it.

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Nissan to Sponsor RadioShack Pro Cycling Team

nissan to sponsor radioshack pro cycling team   Nissan to Sponsor RadioShack Pro Cycling TeamToday Nissan North America, Inc. announced its future with seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his team, Team RadioShack. The sponsorship will involve the use of various Nissan products by RadioShack riders, including one of Nissan’s vehicles as the team’s official team car. Nothing has been said regarding the model Team RadioShack will be supplied with at this point. Speculators have been pointing to the Nissan Murano, however.

Nissan’s involvement with Team RadioShack will be seen in such races as Tour of California, Tour of Missouri, and Tour de France, to name a few, earning Nissan good exposure to the cycling community….

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Official Photos of Team RadioShack Trek Bikes

official photos of team radioshack trek bikes 1   Official Photos of Team RadioShack Trek Bikes

We now have detailed photos of the official team RadioShack Trek bikes that the new team will be riding for the 2010 season. The Trek Madone is built with full SRAM Red and a full Bontrager cockpit and wheels. The “studio” photos show the bike having black wheels, while the actual build of the bike will have white tires with a black strip down the middle. All of the components are made by Trek, except for the SRAM. The bike is heavily decorated with sponsor logos, and a lot of RadioShack “R” logos can be seen. The seat stays sport the yellow LiveStrong bar, with Nissan logos underneath. Thanks a lot to Bike Rumor for the pictures! Eight more photos after the jump!

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Team RadioShack’s Training Camp Begins

team radioshacks training camp begins   Team RadioShacks Training Camp Begins

Brand new team RadioShack has met in Tucson, Arizona, to begin their first training camp. Former Astana riders Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Chris Horner, Andreas Klöden, Yaroslav Popovych and Haimar Zubeldia have came together with newcomers, such as Daryl Impey, Sebastien Rosseler, and Gert Steegmans and hit the streets of Tucson. The riders’ current contracts are still valid for a couple of weeks, and RadioShack still has to finish the team uniforms, so they wore their old team jerseys for training….

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Lance Armstrong Will Lead Team RadioShack at Tour Down Under

lance armstrong will lead team radioshack at tour down under   Lance Armstrong Will Lead Team RadioShack at Tour Down Under

Johan Bruyneel, team RadioShack’s manager, has announced on his Facebook page that Lance Armstrong will lead the team of seven at the Tour Down Under, which will take place January 17th through the 24th. Lance and his RadioShack teammates, Daryl Impey, Jason McCartney, Yaroslav Popovych, Sebastien Rosseler, Gert Steegmans, and Tomas Vaitkus will be at the event in South Australia. This will be Armstrong’s second appearance at the Tour Down Under after his return from retirement. His objectives this year will be the Tour of California, which takes place on May 16th through the 23rd, and the Tour de France, which takes place July 3rd through the 25th. Steegmans and Rossler have both appeared at the Tour Down Under before, while the others will be debuting….

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Team RadioShack Releases its 2010 Roster

team radio shack releases its 2010 roster   Team RadioShack Releases its 2010 Roster

Team RadioShack has just announced their roster for the 2010 season, featuring 26 riders from 16 different countries. “It is a well balanced team. We have experienced riders – with some of them I worked already many years in my former teams – but we also have young talents who can develop in the perfect environment. I am happy that our sponsors want to invest in the future of cycling. Our main goal will be the Tour de France and other stage races but I am confident that, with these riders, we can perform very well in the one-day races as well. I look forward to the new season with Team RadioShack and our first training camp,” says RadioShack team director Johan Bruyneel. Team RadioShack has also announced that their first training camp will be held next month, in Tucson, Arizona. The 2010 roster is as…

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