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Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

lance armstrong team radioshack forced remove black livestrong 28 jerseys   Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

On stage 20 of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong and the rest of Team RadioShack wore black Livestrong jerseys with the number 28, this represents the 28 million people in the world with Cancer.

Officials at the 2010 Tour de France demanded Team Radioshack take off the black Livestrong 28 jerseys and put back on the regular red and grey jerseys, and the cyclists had to add their assigned number. This resulted in a delay in the Tour.

Team RadioShack was upset at the situation, including director Johan Bruyneel, who expressed his anger on Twitter writing: Ok people! Now it’s official!” he tweeted. “To be a race commisar (sic), you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: “c’est le reglement!”

As you can expect, the UCI is unhappy on Bruyneel’s statement. Acting in somewhat good faith, the UCI said any fines from the incident will be…

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Team RadioShack iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team RadioShack iPhone App

team radioshack iphone app   Team RadioShack iPhone App

Since the iPhone 4 released today and Tour de France is right around the corner, some of you might enjoy the new Team RadioShack iPhone App. For those of you on the go, or out cycling and want to know what Team RadioShack is up to, this iPhone app will keep you in the loop. You will have access to videos, pictures, and behind the scene footage. Best thing about the app is its free.

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Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

li of radioshack suspended for use of performance enhancers 267x300   Li of RadioShack Suspended for use of Performance Enhancers

RadioShack’s Fuyu Li was suspended due to testing positive for using Clenbuterol. The A-sample testing happened in Belgium at the Dwars dor Vlaanderen last March 23. When the results returned positive for the banned substance, Team RadioShack immediately took action and suspended the Chinese rider.

The press release over the incident stresses the team’s advocacy to no doping:

“Team RadioShack and its management take this incident very seriously. We will respect the rights of our rider but will enforce our zero tolerance policy should his B-sample test positive.”

Li also took a B-sample testing and should it prove to be positive, he will be removed from RadioShack.

Fuyu Li currently holds the title of being the first professional Chinese to join a ProTour team. His career highlights included holding the current Chinese individual time trial champion (2009), he won the Tour of Thailand in 2006, he was the Chinese national mountain bike cross country…

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RadioShack Says They Had No Plans for Giro

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RadioShack Says They Had No Plans for Giro

radioshack says they had no plans for giro   RadioShack Says They Had No Plans for Giro

Team RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel clarified news reports yesterday regarding the alleged snub by Giro d’Italia organizers, and said that although his team will indeed not be racing in the Giro this year, this was actually part of their overall plan, and not because of a snub by the organizers.

Bruyneel explained in his blog that Team RadioShack had already informed the Giro d’Italia organizers about their plans to race in the Tour of California instead of joining the Giro. He said that they had already contacted the RCS (the organizers of the Giro) to inform them that racing in the Giro “did not fit within RadioShack’s objectives and plans.” Bruyneel added that although he “liked the Giro” and thought it was a great race, still the team’s focus was to specifically race in the Amgen Tour of California instead.

This was partly due to the fact that…

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No RadioShack for 2010 Giro d’Italia

pinit fg en rect gray 20   No RadioShack for 2010 Giro dItalia

no radioshack for 2010 giro ditalia   No RadioShack for 2010 Giro dItalia

There will be no racing for Team RadioShack and Lance Armstrong in this year’s edition of the Giro d’Italia, as organizers prepare to anounce the invited teams that will be seeing action in the 2010 Giro this coming May 8.

In the previous weeks prior to this event, Team RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel had publicly expressed his hopes of getting an invitation for the team to join in the Giro this year. Lance Armstrong’s plans of racing in the Tour of California, however, may have played a role in failing to secure an invite from the organizers, since it would appear that the team was not particularly focusing its sights on the Giro hard enough.

Lance Armstrong’s deteriorating relationship with race director Angelo Zomegnan certainly did not help matters any. Zomegnan and Armstrong clashed when the American rider paticipated in the 2009 edition of the Giro d’Italia…

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Armstrong Races at Milan-San Remo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong Races at Milan San Remo

lance armstrong race milan san remo   Armstrong Races at Milan San Remo

RCS Sport, organizers of the Milan-San Remo race, has confirmed that Lance Armstrong will be part of Team Radioshack’s list of participants for this Saturday’s event. The team will be joining the 200-rider peloton for the Italian Classic.

It is sort of a comeback for Armstrong. Giro d’Italia is another RCS Sport that he joined in 2009 to prepare himself for the Tour de France.

RCS Sport Director Angelo Zomegnan and Armstrong had an encounter on the ninth stage in 2009’s Giro. There was a peloton protest for that stage, claiming it was a dangerous circuit. Some riders claimed that Armstrong was behind the boycott and Zomegnan did not hide his displeasure over the “older riders” protesting with Armstrong.

Armstrong will not be joining the Giro d’Italia this year for he will be competing in the Tour of California. The latter will take effect on same month as with the Italian Grand Tour…

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Gita Supplies Team RadioShack Kits

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gita Supplies Team RadioShack Kits

gita supplies team radioshack kits   Gita Supplies Team RadioShack Kits

Team RadioShack Kits will be distributed exclusively by Gita Sporting Goods this March. The Team issue kits will be made available to retailers with Gita being its sole supplier.

Gita Sporting Goods won a multi-year deal with Nike and became the official distributor of technical race wear for Team RadioShack. They will be providing the pro team their racing gear as well as Team Issue kits for sale. The kit will include the Team RadioShack jersey and bib short. These are all designed to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. The patterns enhance maximum aerodynamics that works to give form fitting comfort and optimizes functionality. It also delays for fatigue to set in.

Giorgio Andretta of Gita Sporting Goods believes that becoming the official sponsor for Team RadioShack will allow them to bring cycling apparel to a higher level. He hopes that this vision to be a reality…

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