pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rasmussen Signs Up With Team Miche

rasmussen signs team miche   Rasmussen Signs Up With Team Miche

After serving a two-year suspension, Michael Rasmussen has returned to competition and signed on with the Miche Pro Cycling Team.

Team Miche is happy with their newest rider, and Marco Tozzi, the team owner, says that they are hoping to see Rasmussen in their squad beyond the 2010 season. The cyclist has a lot riding on him, as Tozzi has said that “great things” are expected from their latest acquisition.

Some observers are also expecting Rasmussen to score some wins in order to boost his chances of getting a bigger contract with other teams, but Tozzi says that their contract with the Danish cyclist offers no escape clauses. He adds that he does not sure for sure if Rasmussen will be with the team for next season, but for this season, he is staying with Team Miche.

Cycling fans may remember that Rasmussen had been given a two-year suspension for misrepresenting…

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