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New Domestic Team Launched in Australia

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Domestic Team Launched in Australia

new domestic team launched in australia   New Domestic Team Launched in Australia

A new Australian domestic cycling team named Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans was just launched in the Brisbane BMW showroom last night. The new team will be competing for the National Road Series (by Cycling Australia) and Caribou Publication’s Scody Cup.

Team sports director Patrick Jonker says that he is looking forward to working with the young squad, and adds that his role in the team will be “not only to lead the team ensuring success, but to mentor the riders.” Jonker says that his mentoring role for the young riders will be one that he’ll enjoy most.

Team Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans will be seeing action in events like Melbourne to Warrnambool, Tour of Tasmania, Tour of the Murray River, and the Tour of Geelong as part of the National Road Series and the Scody Cup.

Chris White, the team owner, says that being able to gather a squad of “Australia’s brightest young…

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Fly V Australia Could Join Tour of California

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fly V Australia Could Join Tour of California

fly v australia could join tour of california   Fly V Australia Could Join Tour of California

Team Fly V Australia looks likely to join the Tour of California this season as its major sponsor, V Australia, is also a major sponsor in America’s biggest cycling race.

Race organiser AEG Sports had previously revealed that two more stages had been addd to this year’s California tour, with the sixth stage being sponsored by V Australia. However, the participation of Team Fly V remains to be confirmed, as its management company Pegasus Racing has declined to give any comments on this matter so far.

Interested observers would have to wait, since the complete team listings aren’t expected to be announced this early, anyway. It is possible that AEG Sports will be disclosing the final list later this month, or perhaps early in March. Half of the participants are anticipated to be ProTour and Professional Continental teams, while the rest will be from the Continental ranks in the…

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