pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 or 2013 Norco Team DH Bike

2012 2013 Team DH Bike   2012 or 2013 Norco Team DH Bike

A lightweight, aggressive Norco Team DH race bike is expected to be released in 2012 or 2013. The designer of this bike is Owen Pemberton, who used to work for Rolls Royce aerospace. The focus of the design was to make the back end as laterally stiff as possible.

A Syntace X12 rear axle system was used featuring a full 360″ contact on both dropouts, resulting in an unbelievably stiff setup. Without being agricultural, the smooth flowing tubes are made minimal. Boosting the structure of the Team DH race bike are some hydro-forming techniques.

In the frame, weight is saved in un-sprung areas and other areas where it is safe. The geometry of the Team DH race bike is designed to become more modern and aggressive by making it slightly lower and slacker. FSR design, which is not a floating shock, puts some twists to the geometry.

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