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Phinney Defends U23 Paris-Roubaix Title

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Phinney Defends U23 Paris Roubaix Title

phinney defends u23 paris roubaix title 200x300   Phinney Defends U23 Paris Roubaix TitleIn Peronne, France, the 44th edition of the U23 Paris-Roubaix kicked off under cool and rainy weather conditions. Taylor Phinney of Trek-Livestrong makes his “Number 2”, the only rider to capture two U23 Paris-Roubaix wins in its 44 year history seasons’ event. The race was expected to be tough, muddy and difficult due to scattered rains before the event. However as the peloton went underway, strong cold winds replaced the rain.

In the 179 kilometer race of 27 sections, an early breakaway group of seven riders took the front. The group was a composite of Trek-Livestrong and Team Holowerko Partners with Benjamin King of Australia and Walker Savidoe of USA, maintaining a hard two-minute gap over the rest of the peloton up to the last 50 kilometers of the race.

Maintaining a sustained position up front was the defending champion Phinney. “Ben King was up the road and with about 50k to…

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Custom Trek TT Carbon Bike for Taylor Phinney

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Custom Trek TT Carbon Bike for Taylor Phinney

custom trek tt carbon bike taylor phinney   Custom Trek TT Carbon Bike for Taylor Phinney

Here is a preview of the Taylor Phinney’s custom Trek TT Carbon Bike. Taylor Phinney is a world champion who received this sweet black/yellow-white colored Trek TT to use. Towards the back of the bike you will see a decal that reads “Taylor Phinney Individual Pursuit World Champion March 26th 2009 Pruszkow, Poland”. Click below to see the other image.

Source: BikeRumor

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Phinney Showing Skills at Tour of Qatar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Phinney Showing Skills at Tour of Qatar

phinney showing skills at tour of qatar   Phinney Showing Skills at Tour of Qatar Taylor Phinney of Team Trek-Livestrong is currently showing off his speed and skills at the 2010 Tour of Qatar, finishing among the top ten for the second time in a row. He finished the third stage last Tuesday in 7th place and placed 8th on Wednesday, proving that he is capable of matching the best riders in the world, despite his young age.

Phinney, who is currently racing for Trek-Livestrong at the age of 19, is riding against some of the world’s best sprinters, but he is not exhibiting any signs of being intimidated at all. The last two stages, in fact, proves that the young cyclist is more than capable of riding successfully at breakneck speeds.

Some detractors may have called it luck when he finished in the top ten on the second stage, but repeating the feat at the next stage may have shut them up. …

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Taylor Phiineey Arrives at Trek-Livestrong Training Camp

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Taylor Phiineey Arrives at Trek Livestrong Training Camp

taylor phinney arrives at trek livestrong training camp   Taylor Phiineey Arrives at Trek Livestrong Training Camp

Taylor Phinney has joined his Trek-Livestrong teammates for their first pre-season training camp, alongside Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer’s team RadioShack. Phinney says that the training camp was one of the “biggest training weeks he’s ever done.” “I’m really excited about the team camp. I think it’s going to be a really good time. There’ll be a lot of meetings and it will be good to get to know all of the new guys. They’re from all over the world and from what Axel’s told me they’re good guys and strong riders. Hanging out with Bjorn and Sam , who went up to RadioShack…well that’s a little reunion right there,” he adds. After a car crash and the removal of his tonsils, Phinney is now able to begin training hard again. “I wasn’t able to train like this for the last two months or so…

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