pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tachyon XC HD Helmet Camera

tachyon xc hd helmet camera   Tachyon XC HD Helmet Camera

Riders looking for a dependable helmet camera should look into the new Tachyon XC HD Helmet Camera, which offers over six hours of video recording power in such a small package.

Aside from running continuously for up to 6 hours, the new 2011 Tachyon XC HD also provide great high definition quality footages of your ride in 720 p with a field of view of 120 degree wide angle, which is perfect for showing to your friends either in a monitor or through the the Internet.

And because it is from Tachyon, this nifty helmet camera employs a patented shock proof system that allows it to take all the punishment from bumps and not shut down just when the ride is starting get fun.

The helmet cam will work with a SDHC memory card and requires two AA batteries for it to actually work. It also sports a unique remote…

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