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Morvélo x Retrobike Fat Tire Flyer T-Shirt

morvelo retrobike fat tire flyer t shirt   Morvélo x Retrobike Fat Tire Flyer T Shirt

A special collaboration between Morvelo and Retrobike brings a Fat Tire Flyer t-shirt. For those that don’t know, Fat Tire Flyer was an original mountain bike magazine started in 1980 by one of mountain bikings pioneers Charlie Kelly. The actual print located on the front of the t-shirt is from the May-June 1984 issue, which is a pile of bikes that usually occurred in the April Derby’s in Marin County.

At this point, Morvelo and Retrobike reached out to Charlie Kelly, who ok’d the project and took it a step further by scanning the original cover art. While most would work out a financial deal, Charlie just asked for a free t-shirt. Limited to 100 t-shirts, which are made of soft cotton, and can be purchased from Morvelo’s stand at Mountain Mayhem.

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Faction Cycling The Beverly T-Shirt

faction cycling the beverly t shirt   Faction Cycling The Beverly T Shirt

Our friends at Faction Cycling just released a new t-shirt, dubbed The Beverly, and yes you might notice the lady sitting on a road bike. Using the tag line “You don’t get legs like hers pushing a gas pedal”, the Faction Cycling Beverly T-Shirt is also a form of promoting cycling rather than driving. Using discharge printing, this is where the dye is first removed, then replaced with ink, and by this you can not feel by touch. A mens and womens t-shirt is available, and comes in black made of 100% cotton. Purchase now for $24.99 at Faction Cycling.

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Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt

cinelli bootleg t shirt   Cinelli Bootleg T Shirt

If you have a cyclist in the family, something like the Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt would be a great stocking stuffer. The shirts are very simple, in black color ways, with either “BOOTLEG – ILLEGAL HARD BIKE” soft touch logo on the front, or a “jumping” design. The shirt comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. With the Cinelli Bootleg T-Shirt, you can represent on and off the bike….

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Undefeated On Your Bike Kid T-Shirt

undefeated on your bike kid t shirt   Undefeated On Your Bike Kid T Shirt

We had a small preview of the new Nike Air Force 1 collaboration with LIVESTRONG and Undefeated, and it has come to our attention that Undefeated has made a T-Shirt to celebrate the release. Undefeated is a sneaker boutique, but also has their own line of clothing known as Undefeated or Undftd. The Undefeated On Your Bike Kid T-Shirt takes the slogan printed on the Air Force 1 midsole, using traditional Livestrong colors of black and yellow, and lastly a pair of drop handlebars. Releasing tomorrow, December 4th at all Undefeated stores and online….

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Sheldon Brown Ride T-Shirt

sheldon brown ride t shirt   Sheldon Brown Ride T Shirt

Sheldon Brown is a legend within the bicycle community, and at one point of time or another we are sure you have been to his website. Sadly the pioneer has passed away on February 3, 2008 due to a heart attack, but you can always remember him and show support at the same time with the new Ride T-Shirt featuring Sheldon Brown. As of now, the Sheldon Brown Ride T-Shirt is available for pre-order, and shortly after November 12th the shirts will ship out. Order now at Bikeage….

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Retro Fuji T-Shirt

retro fuji t shirt   Retro Fuji T Shirt

Yes, the Retro Fuji T-Shirt has been out since summer. But, we decided to go ahead and feature it anyway – partly because we weren’t around to cover it then. We think it really illustrates Fuji’s efforts of embracing the urban bike culture scene. Fuji is becoming more of a prominent player among city cyclists through its “casual apparel” section and 2010 Fuji bike models over the past year. Take the 2010 Fuji Feather fixed gear bike for example. The 100% cotton Retro Fuji T-Shirt comes in white or black for both men and women with sizes ranging from small to XXL.

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Trek Brown and White Logo T-Shirt

trek logo t shirt 1   Trek Brown and White Logo T Shirt

The Trek Brown and White Logo T-Shirt is for those of us who don’t require flashy colors or wild prints on our shirts. The design of this tee is simple; a solid brown t-shirt with a small white Trek logo on the center chest. The shirt is made with 100% cotton. Whether you’re on or off the bike, you can still represent your favorite company with the Trek Brown and White Logo T-Shirt. Purchase it for $24.99 at the Trek online store….

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