pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau 2011 Mouldable Footwear

louis garneaus 2011 mouldable footwear 2   Louis Garneau 2011 Mouldable Footwear

Introducing the CFS-300 for road and T-Flex-300 for mountain by Louis Garneau. Models are 100% repeatedly molded using a conventional oven, which gives it that perfect fit feel.

The CFS-300 offers an Exo-Jet Carbon outsole with carbon molded arch support. This road shoe model also provides cyclists with a mouldable toe box, inner and outer forefoot and a heel cup. With adjustable EVA foam padding that can be tweaked in two positions—either vertically or horizontally, it has a ratchet that fits comfortably.

At the upper part of the heel cup it features a band that works to secure its users heel. CFS-300 also provides good ventilation on warm days and regulate temperatures on hot or cold days by way of Coolmax Ergo Air insoles. With an estimated weight of 290 grams per shoe in a size 41, retail price is $299.99.

On the other hand, the T-Flex-300 mountain shoe model offers a grip…

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