pinit fg en rect gray 20   Szczepaniak Brothers Regain Championship Titles

szczepaniak brothers regain championship titles   Szczepaniak Brothers Regain Championship Titles

An unexpected turn of events led to the Szczepaniak brothers’ suspension but a recent press release from the UCI President Pat McQuaid and WADA President John Fahey absolves the brothers from their EPO case.

“It is clear to our organizations that Pawel and Kacper Szczepaniak were simply confused about the nature of their medical care. Mistaking banned substances for routine vitamin injections is a common error that should not be held against these two talented young men.”

The press release explained that the withdrawal of the case was due to family circumstances and financial limitations for the cost of B sample testing.

Support for the Szczepaniak brothers was overwhelming. Fourth placer Tom Meeusen informed reporters that what happened to the Polish brothers can happen to anybody. “Any of us could accidentally inject a banned substance twice a week without knowing it,” said Meeusen.

Arnaud Jouffroy, who held the championship title after Pawel’s suspension,…

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