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Syncros AM Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Syncros AM Saddle

syncros am saddle   Syncros AM Saddle

The bike saddle maker Syncros is out to make a statement with regards to their saddles with the production of the Syncros AM saddle.

The AM (All Mountain) saddle from Syncros uses the toughest materials for their saddles such as chromoly rails and a Kevlar nose and rear corners to make it last longer and withstand any and all types of rigors of cycling.

While similar in the underpinnings with other notable saddles, it does have a uniqueness all its own thanks to the flatter, broader and softer nose which is made out of Kevlar. Aside from this, the built in Kevlar will definitely help you conquer the toughest mountain trail.

Because the saddle’s tip is also blunt thanks to its design, there will be less chances of having to experience your shorts snagging while pedaling. The padding on the AM saddle also provides riders with good support and comfort…

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2011 Syncros FL Carbon 29er Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Syncros FL Carbon 29er Fork

2011 syncros fl carbon 29er fork   2011 Syncros FL Carbon 29er Fork

The FL Carbon 29er fork from Syncros stands out with its 100% carbon construction and monocoque crown. Veering away from the idea of a shorter fork and more offset, the FL Carbon 29er has 38mm offset with a 485mm axle to crown measurement.

S. Coffey, marketing director for Syncros ellaborates on the fork’s design, “We have dabbled with various offsets, lengths and frames with mixed results. In our ride testing we found that a 480mm/38mm offset obviously works fine on ubiquitous “old school” geometry, and despite the math, still works really well on “new school” bikes.”

Additional details for the new carbon fork are full carbon dropouts and disc only brakes. It has 34mm blades and a maximum rotor size of 203mm.

The Syncros FL Carbon 29er fork has a round cross section, legs, steerer, crown and dropouts. It has a tire clearance of 90mm to accommodate 2.5″ tires. Weight is at 580g…

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Syncros FRIC Stem

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Syncros FRIC Stem

syncros fric stem 1 300x200   Syncros FRIC StemSyncros introduces a new type of stem for 2011, the FreeRide Intelligent Clamp or FRIC. What makes the FRIC stem unique is that it is forged, making it lighter than its CNC machined counterparts. It weighs only 124g. It features a 260 degree faceplate bar clamp wrapped on the handlebar which translates to better control of the stem. This will also let you fit the tapered portion of the bar through.

The 2011 Syncros FRIC Stem also has a unique front face. This is a patented face by Syncros. The FRIC Stem comes in 45mm only and with two color options, black with chrome faceplate or white with black faceplate. It will be available in December. MSRP is $79.95.

Source: PinkBike

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