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Fidea MTB Cup 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fidea MTB Cup 2010

fidea mtb cup 2010 1 269x300   Fidea MTB Cup 2010Sven Nys, multiple UCI Cyclocross World Cup Winner and former World Champion, won the Fidea MTB Cup 2010 on May 13, 2010. Geoff Kabush settled for second and Roel Paulissen, MTB marathon world champion rounde up the podium. Nys returned to Gooik, Belgium and finished the track with a time of 01:40:03. Kabush, on the other hand, crossed the finish at 01:41:46. Nys was in Malloraca, Spain for two weeks prior his win.

Roel Paulissen had a two minute delay and this only garnered him third place. He was not in his top form due toan illness at the World Cup in Houffalize. Gerben de Knegt was fourth placer and Thijs Al came fifth.

Laura Turpijn was the victor in the womne’s elite with a time of 01:12:09. The gap between Turpijn and second placer Joyce Vanderbeken was a mere minute and 19 seconds. Ann Terpstra won third place.

Elite Men top 5:

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UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

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uci says no to studs and spikes   UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

The UCI has issued rules this year against the use of studded tires for cyclocross competitions. Reports say that UCI had decided to put these regulations into place after rumors circulated about cyclocross star Sven Nys using new Dugast tires with embedded metal spikes, called the ‘Diabolo’.

The new UCI regulations (1.3.018) specifically state that “For the cyclocross bicycle… the tire shall not exceed 35mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud.”

News reports from Belga said that the Dugast spiked tires had been tested by Sven Nys in icy conditions in The Netherlands, and that the ‘Diabolo’ tires had performed extremely well with excellent grip. The Belgian cyclist himself had reportedly proclaimed the tires as “phenomenally good” after the tests.

The UCI ban comes into effect in time for the approaching Cyclocross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic.   The event will be held on an…

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Sven Nys Gets 50th Superprestige Win

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sven nys gets 50th superprestige win   Sven Nys Gets 50th Superprestige Win

Sven Nys, Belgian cyclo-cross champion, has won his 50th career win in the Superprestige series today. His win came about in the fifth round in Gieten. He is off to a bit of a slower start, as this is only his fifth of the season, which may be due to his summer mountain bike racing. “I’ve been waiting on my 50th Superprestige victory, but it was a deserved victory. This is a ‘cross for riders with power. Normally I do not like those, because of lack of technical sections. But today I immediately had good sensations. I quickly took the lead and did not let up. If the condition is good, you can ride away from the rest,” says Nys. There are only three more races left in the series, and Nys has an opportunity to earn his 10th overall win in the series….

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