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2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks

2012 surly mwod mr whirly offset double cranks   2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks

New from Surly Bikes for 2012 are cranks called MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double), which is designed to tackle the dilemma of bikes with massively oversized tires having chains rubbing on the tires. A new spindle, which is longer than the existing Pugsley spec spindle, will also be used.

While the MWOD utilizes the Mr. Whirly arms on hand, the middle ring shifts to its place after the big ring is dropped. In essence, the granny ring mounts directly up to the spider mounting holes. The middle ring connects to the granny ring afterwards.

For riders who have bikes with very big tires, the 2012 Surly MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) Cranks are a great help. Aside from being rearranged, the rings are exclusively designed by Surly. Tooth options include 20/32 and 22/36. It will be available in black.

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2012 Surly Ogre 29er Bike

2012 surly ogre 29er bike   2012 Surly Ogre 29er Bike

Included in the long list of 29er bikes for 2012 is the Ogre, which has been released by Surly Bikes. Since the bike is a 29er machine that can do everything, all the fenders, racks, trailers, disc brakes, v-brakes, and Rohloff will work well.

Since it is based on the 26er Troll, the new Ogre looks like a creative combination of the Troll and the Karate Monkey. The cantilever brake capabilities or bent seat tube and disc are from the Karate Monkey while the rear dropouts, fender, rack, and trailer capabilities are from the Troll.

Offering superior usefulness, the 2012 Surly Ogre 29er Bike is a very versatile machine. Aside from the standard size range, the Ogre will come in a super sized 24in frameset for big riders. The frameset is available in medium green.

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2012 Surly Troll Frame

2012 surly troll frame   2012 Surly Troll Frame

When it comes to aesthetics, the new Troll released by Sury Bikes for 2012 is one of the best frames. With its exquisite Agent Orange color, the frame contributes to the complete fashion statement of all stylish cyclists out there.

Aside from good looks, the Troll also takes pride in its smart parts. The frame has mounting points on which riders can attach almost anything. After sorting out the chain tension, the caliper can be lined up easily with the wheel by the sliding disc brake mounts.

As a do-everything machine, the 2012 Surly Troll Frame is perfect for commuting, bike packing, trailer hauling, off road touring, and single track ripping. With its reliable durability, convenient mounting points, and great aesthetics, the Troll is definitely an exceptional frame.

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2012 Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike

2012 surly karate monkey 29er bike   2012 Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike

On its tenth year is the classic Karate Monkey 29er bike, which is included in the 2012 range released by Surly Bikes. With battleship gray and cash black colors and a geometry that remains unchanged, the bike was simply designed to be more focused on the single track.

Included in the major changes of the Karate Monkey is its fork tune-up, featuring slimmer gauge tubing. Aside from dropping the option for cantilever brake studs, the 2012 model will get a slightly tidier and thinner frame.

As a revered standard of the 29er market, the 2012 Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike is an epitome of a classic machine that is brilliantly modernized. It is available in black and battleship gray colors. Slightly tweaked with some additions and reductions, the Karate Monkey is polished more for dirt.

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2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame

2012 surly pacer road frame   2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame

One of the latest road frames updated for 2012 is the Pacer by Surly Bikes. Aside from its 10-speed Tiagra components, the crown and rear tire spacing of the Pacer is also updated for 2012 to allow true clearance for 700×32 tires and 700x28s with fenders.

For the standard reach brakes, the options will be 47mm-57mm calipers only. In other words, the new 4130 TIG-welded Pacer frame will not work with any short reach brakes anymore, such as Campy, Dura-Ace, SRAM Rival, and 105. This versatile frame is ideal for commuting and day-tripping.

While it may not be the most stylish bikes on the market, the 2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame gets a nice new metallic blue color and old graphics. While its aesthetics is understated, some exciting updates allow this all-day roadie to offer guaranteed reliability and comfort.

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2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike

2012 surly moonlander mountain bike   2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike

One of the several surprises of Surly Bikes for 2012 is the new mountain bike called Moonlander. While the previous Pugsley bike is known for being a fat bike, the new Moonlander is even fatter. In order to do this, the bike used Clownshoe 100mm wide single wall rims.

Drilled out, the visible rim strip is available in multiple colors. On those 100mm rims rides the new Surly Big Fat Larry tire are around 4.5in wide. With the 28mm offset of the frame and the Mr. Whirly Offset Double (MWOD) crank, there is enough room for a large rubber even without chain rub.

With incredibly large tires and wide rims, the ultra fat 2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike features remarkable floatation, traction, and minimum ground impact. The two fat bike tires are the assertively knobbed 3.8in wide Nate tire and the softer threaded Black Floyd tire that is ideal for…

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2011 Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike

2011 surly karate monkey 29er bike   2011	Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike

29er mountain bike lovers definitely need to consider the 2011 Surly Karate Monkey. Aside from the 29 inch tires benefits, the bike also offers guaranteed comfort during all types of terrains. Big wheels and versatility are the major features of Karate Monkey.

With horizontal dropouts and a derailleur hanger, the bike can be run as a singlespeed, a fixed-gear, or with full gears and derailleurs. It is 100% Surly 4130 cromoly steel, main triangle double-butted, and TIG-welded and features a classy and functional Surly seat clamp and comfortable Velo grips.

Aside from mountain biking, the 2011 Surly Karate Monkey 29er Bike is also built for cyclocross, commute, and backcountry tours. Its excellent components include a Ritchey Logic Comp headset, Kalloy stem and post and Salsa Moto-Ace handlebar.

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