pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 vittoria supra mountain bike shoes   2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes

Vittoria has released an entirely Italian-made shoes range for 2012, which includes the mountain bike shoes called Supra. Available in a new range of colors, the Supra provides riders who want to race in style with several choices.

In order to achieve excellent power and speed, this competition-level mountain has a solid and reliable platform. The CRS fastening system of the shoes use a precision buckle and body heat-moldable padding. Through this, riders can easily fine-tune fit.

Ideal for racers who have high demands is the 2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes. With its topnotch features, the Supra is a useful weapon for mountain bike riders. These features include a MTB dual sole with high-grip polymer and removable traction spikes.

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