pinit fg en rect gray 20   Superstar BMX 2010 Plastic Pedals

superstar bmx 2010 plastic pedals   Superstar BMX 2010 Plastic Pedals

Superstar BMX always aims to give its customers what they need. With three qualities, innovation, simplicity and technique, the results are quality products that are reasonably priced. For their 2010 catalog, they have released different types of products that will reach different kinds of cyclists. From conventional items to radical designed ones.

One of the new items is the Superstar’s PC Pedals which is now available in the United States market. With a standard square shape and PC body, the pedal has removable steel pins. It has a 9/16” Cro-mo axle and an axle cap with the Superstar logo branded on. It weighs only 410 grams or 14.6 oz.

The pedals are made to withstand hard riding without sacrificing the grip. They work much like metal pedals but are lighter to bring. Superstar BMX also offers plastic pedals with molded pins for cyclists who prefer plastic pedals all the way.


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