pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm

2011 tomac supermatic 120mm   2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm

With its full carbon front and rear triangle, the 2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm is incredibly lightweight. Designed to make the single pivot design as light as possible, this bike has a five pound frame equipped with a Fox RP23 shock.

A dual triangle design in the front triangle and rear triangle makes an extremely stiff and light frame. With excellent stiffness to weight ratios, Tomac eradicates flex for enhanced riding comfort. Adding to the chassis design are the geometry testing and actual suspension on the trail.

Numerous industry technology advances make the 2011 Tomac Supermatic 120mm an excellent mountain bike. It owes its reliable performance in mountain biking to its strategic pivot location. This reduces pedaling forces on the suspension and removes brake jack while enabling the bike to tackle bumps.

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