pinit fg en rect gray 20   SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

sunringle black flag pro wheelset   SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

Sunringle presents the Black Flag Pro wheelset for cross-country and trail rides. It uses Stan’s NoTubes™ BST Technology that lets the sidewall height become lower. This makes sealing of the tire better and you can use the tire even at a lower air pressure.

The BlackFlag Pro has 15, 20 and a standard 9mm QR with a 24mm rim width. It has premium straight-pull hubs and Wheelsmith straight-pull double butted spokes. For the 26 inch, it has 24 holes and for the 29er it has 28 holes. It comes with taped rims, Wheelsmith alloy nipples and cro-moly skewers.

The 26″ Black Flag Pro weighs 1585 grams while the 29er weighs 1665 grams. The wheelset comes with 2 bottles of sealants and 2 valves. Retail price is $650. Colors available are gold and black.

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