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Rudy Project Magster Cycling Sunglasses

rudy project magster cycling sunglasses   Rudy Project Magster Cycling Sunglasses

The newest sunglasses from Rudy Project are the Magster, which uses a performance frame. Rudy Project Magster Cycling Sunglasses uses fully adjustable temple tips and nosepads for a comfortable custom fit, are vents to combat fogging, and a new emblem on the front. Other highlights are the interchangeable lenses and Rx adapters. Different colors are available with the three popular colors of Yellow Fluorescent/Multilaser Blue Lenses, White Racing Edition/Multilaser Blue and Racing Red, and White Racing Edition/Impactx Photo Red. Starting price is $199.

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Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses

gargoyles cardinal cycling sunglasses   Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses

The Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses combines top-tier performance and features in a price package that’s difficult to match. Toric Curve Lens allows light to transmit directly to the eye. No refraction, no distortion. Precision-molded and hand-finished, the design provides 210° of seamless wraparound protection, plenty of room considering our own peripheral vision is only 180°.

The Cardinal also incorporates Gargoyles’ Ballistic Defense technology into their lenses, making them 5-6 times more impact resistant than regular polycarbonate lenses. Developed from a superior blend of polymers by Carl Zeiss Vision®, the Gargoyles Ballistic Defense lenses are designed for military, safety and sport applications and exceed all ISO and ANSI test standards, as well as the MIL-STD 622 ballistic test, which consists of stopping a .22 caliber bullet at 20 feet.

Adjustable, nose pads with a stainless steel core help to create a custom fit, making the Cardinal a great…

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Giro Havik 2

giro havik 2   Giro Havik 2

When compared to its predecessor, the Giro Havik 2 features a more comforting fit for 2010. The changes came about after Giro-sponsored professionals informed the eyewear manufacture of their dislikes with the product. The revamped pair of sunglasses by Giro are said to be 33% less strenuous on the temple. To reduce the chance of foggy glasses and compiled sweat, additional clearance over the brows were implemented. The Giro Havik 2 will be made available in a total of seven different stylish tints in a compact or full option . Also upgraded are the nose pad clips, which will be made to match the color of the frame….

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Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

helix optics 2010 road cycling glasses   Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

Specialized’s Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are more than your average pair of sunglasses. They feature Specialized’s cutting-edge Adaptalite lenses, which automatically adjusts to current light conditions. If you want a more simpler approach, the Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are also made with non shifting dark state NXT lenses. These road optics have unique filters in the lenses, enhancing the color red for added safety. A molded megol nose piece and ear tabs hold the shades on comfortably. The Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are available in a variety of team color ways. Retail price for these shades ranges from $95 to $130. Head to the Specialized online store to purchase….

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Specialized Arc-X Optics

specialized arc x optics   Specialized Arc X Optics

Eye wear is useful to cyclists in many ways. One obvious use would be to keep the sun out of your eyes. Another would be to block wind. Eye wear can also protect your eyes by keeping dirt and other harmful things from going into the eyes. The Specialized Arc-X Optics, suitable for both road and mountain use, do this and more. They feature Specialized Adaptalite lenses which adjust to current light conditions. The Specialized Arc-X Optics are lightweight and durable, and they retail for $175. Purchase them at the Specialized online store….

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