Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames   Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames

Sunday Bikes has joined forces with Jake Seeley in giving fans a new color for the exciting Sunday Forecaster Frames. Seeley was shown in several photos sporting a ketchup red Sunday Forecaster frame.

While the additional color might have Seeley fans looking for these frames, Sunday Bikes is still assuring everybody that the high performance of these frames remain intact.

The Forecaster frames are lighter than ever thanks to both the Director-style wishbones design and the 41-Thermal treatment that makes it easier to maneuver the bike whenever and wherever.

The Forecaster also boasts of rustproofed insides as well as exteriors made possible with a special treatment of Black Thermal Coating, the best anti-corrosion process in the world.

While originally sold only with a Purple color, the red Forecasters are a welcome color in the looks department for Sunday bikes. For further technical review the Red Forecaster Frames weighs 4.63 lbs. with 75°…

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