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2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single Speed Hub

2011 sun ringle dirty flea single speed hub   2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single Speed Hub

Sun Ringle has released a hot new product for 2011, the Dirty Flea Single Speed cassette hub. Just like a lot of Sun Ringle hubs, the 2011 Sun Ringle Dirty Flea Single speed hub features outstanding durability and smoothness.

Comparing to the traditional freewheel single speed hub, the hub is a unique item. The smaller cassette body of cassette single speed hubs do not force the rider into one static position for the rear cog.

Fine-tuning the position of the cog is easy with the single speed hubby Sun Ringle because it is equipped with only a few spacers. Through this, the impeccable chainline with almost any crank set up is guaranteed. Multiple single speed gears or a mini geared set up is allowed as well. …

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SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

sunringle black flag pro wheelset   SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

Sunringle presents the Black Flag Pro wheelset for cross-country and trail rides. It uses Stan’s NoTubes™ BST Technology that lets the sidewall height become lower. This makes sealing of the tire better and you can use the tire even at a lower air pressure.

The BlackFlag Pro has 15, 20 and a standard 9mm QR with a 24mm rim width. It has premium straight-pull hubs and Wheelsmith straight-pull double butted spokes. For the 26 inch, it has 24 holes and for the 29er it has 28 holes. It comes with taped rims, Wheelsmith alloy nipples and cro-moly skewers.

The 26″ Black Flag Pro weighs 1585 grams while the 29er weighs 1665 grams. The wheelset comes with 2 bottles of sealants and 2 valves. Retail price is $650. Colors available are gold and black.

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Sun Ringle Charger Expert Wheelset

charger expert wheelset 300x300   Sun Ringle Charger Expert WheelsetThe Charger Expert Wheelset weighs 1820g (820g up front, 1000g at the rear) which answers Sun Ringle’s claim as the producer of an all-mountain wheelset. Its rim is designed by Sun Ringle with Stan’s tubeless technology. Added to it are Wheelsmith spokes to the Sun Ringle hubs. It is available in black and white 28mm wide rims and when mounted to a 2.35” tires its remarkably noticeable fitting its profile.

Many riders have found the Sun Ringle Charger Expert Wheelset easy to set up, user friendly as one may put it. Deflating and re-inflating the tires and going for a quick spin, the air held tight without issues.

The 24 spokes design rids some weight against the conventional 32 spoke designs. The 135mm rear hub spins on four bearings securely sealed and uses three pawls on a thirty tooth ratchet. The front hub comes into types. It is available as…

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