pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Zipp Sub 9 Disc

2011 zipp sub 9 disc   2011 Zipp Sub 9 Disc

With its amazing aerodynamic features, the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc takes pride in its professional competitiveness. In fact, while it features a wind angle of 12 to 18 degrees, the Zipp Sub-9 was paired with Zipp’s 21mm Tangente tire making it the first wheel ever to create forward lift.

Zipp was able to achieve this by incorporating a toroidal bulge that is similar to their 1080 and 808 spoked wheels around the edge of the disc. By doing this, the airflow at the wheel’s leading and trailing edges is controlled, resulting in an enhanced aero performance.

Moreover, through the vertical compliance of the bulge, the Sub-9 disc is glued to the road when cornering. This results to a comfortable ride making it the ideal for long-course triathletes. With the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc, Zipp shifted from reducing drag to exploiting momentum.

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