pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit

2011 strellson fixed gear suit   2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit

2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit is a one of a kind bike apparel that allows businessmen to cycle with a suit. Strellson partnered with Bianchi to create a limited edition clothing line that is exquisite both for business meetings and city biking.

The 2011 Strellson collection is in all black and white color scheme. This means that it can be worn without having to worry about fashionable colors. Manufactured from a stretchy fabric, the slim-cut black suit that repels water and dirt is the main feature of the collection.

Underneath the suit are cuffs and collars with reflective tape, which are visible when the pant leg is rolled. The Strellson and Bianchi team up is a perfect combination of a silky cycle-friendly suit and a state-of-the-art fixed gear racing bike.

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