pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

2011 dzr strasse riding shoe 2   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

Stylish and unique, the 2011 DZR Strasse riding shoe combines a classic herringbone fabric and full grain leather. What gives the shoe a beautiful look is the mix of SPD compatible midsole and a vulcanized rubber outsole.

Compared more urban orientated shoes, traditional riding shoes offer more comfort to commuters due to loss of power transfer to the pedals. This is why the sole’s flex point of DZR is moved further back towards the rear, resulting in a natural walking gait.

This means that the 2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe can efficiently move with the rider’s feet. Throughout the pedal stroke, more power is delivered to the pedals on the bike but it cannot outwit more race performance oriented shoes. On the other hand, the DZR Strasse style is top-notch.

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