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Hold Fast x Pedal Consumption FRS Pedal Straps

hold fast pedal consumption frs pedal straps   Hold Fast x Pedal Consumption FRS Pedal Straps

When it comes to pedal straps, Hold Fast is one of the best brands on the market. Hold Fast was the first to introduce the FRS (Foot Retention System). Now the brand has come together with Pedal Consumption to release a limited run of FRS straps.

The Hold Fast x Pedal Consumptions FRS straps are constructed of the same sturdy materials as their (Hold Fast) other straps. As you can see, Pedal Consumption “PC” logo is printed while the traditional Hold Fast tab is stitched on the top.

Pedal Consumption is taking pre-orders now, which will ship out from Hold Fast on December 17th 2010. Retail is $56.95.

Available at Pedal Consumption

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ZLDA Custom Straps

zlda custom straps   ZLDA Custom Straps

Sooner or later, someone was going to release a tool for you to customize straps. You can customize almost anything nowadays, and ZLDA just released their customizing system.

ZLDA straps are a soft and comfortable. Added is strength and is great for your trick bike (fitting most pedals).

On to the unique part, the ZLDA custom straps have a wide range of colors to choose from, with your choice of black or colored Velcro and nylon webbing. Each features a special laser cut blister packing, plus handmade in the Netherlands. Retail is 32 Euro.

Purchase: Zlda Shop

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Death Pedal Feet Belts Strap

death pedal feet belts strap   Death Pedal Feet Belts Strap

Also releasing with Feet Belts version 2, Death Pedal came along for a collaboration with Feet Belts for some cool pedal straps. Perfect for your fixed gear or BMX bike, the Death Pedal Feet Belts Strap uses Death Pedal’s logo across the middle, while one reads Death and the other Pedal, three different levels of materials, and are limited editions. Feet Belts are accepting Pre-Orders now, and holds a retail price of $36.

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