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2012 Stolen Score BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Stolen Score BMX Bike

2012 stolen score bmx bike   2012 Stolen Score BMX Bike

Stolen Bikes has just launched the new Score complete, and the brand just finished up a promotional video.

The 2012 Stolen Score features a lightweight chromo frame built to take a thrashing on the streets or some trails. The forks are Stolen Cyclone followed with MOB Crank, Tall Boy handlebars and thermalite pedals.

Available at Stolen retailers now, in Brilliant Blue and Raw Silver with black forks.

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2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

2012 stolen saint 24in bmx bike   2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

Stolen Bikes has introduced its special edition of a 24in BMX bike called Saint for 2012. With carefully selected components, this new BMX bike offers not only reliable quality but simple and cool aesthetics, as well.

Featuring a larger frame with larger wheels, the Saint makes it easier to cruise. Low maintenance and long-lasting quality are guaranteed by its modern parts, which include aftermarket Cell Block handle bars and micro gearing.

Built from a high-quality frame, the 2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike only weighs approximately 12kg. Its 100% chromoly main frame comes with 100% chromoly Cyclone fork, MID BB shell, Campy head tube, integrated seat clamp, and mini 5mm dropouts.

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2011 Stolen CASINO Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Stolen CASINO Bike

2011 stolen casino bike   2011 Stolen CASINO Bike

Beginners wanting to dish out their serious tricks on the skate park or even on the streets should look into getting this nice set from Stolen Casino bikes in the form of the 2011 Stolen Casino Bike.

The new Stolen Casino bike ships with a 1020 Hi-tensile Steel TIG welded frame complete with mini-5mm dropouts and American BB shell. The bike has a bottom bracket that is an American BB with an 8 spline Heat-treated axle. Fans of Stolen can also find that the pedal is a Stolen thermalite with chromoly axle and the bike sprocket is a Stolen OE Class-Ring 2 5t.

The Casino’s chain is a KMC Z410, which makes it a sturdy chain. Tektro users can also rejoice as the bike uses Tektro for the front and rear brakes as well as the levers. Cranks employ Stolen MOB OE 3 piece Tubular Chromoly with pinch bolts. For tire…

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97 Bikes Stolen From JE James Cycles Rotherham Warehouse

pinit fg en rect gray 20   97 Bikes Stolen From JE James Cycles Rotherham Warehouse

97 bikes stolen je james cycles rotherham warehouse   97 Bikes Stolen From JE James Cycles Rotherham Warehouse

On Sunday, August 22n between 1:40 am and 4:00 am, JE James Cycles Warehouse was broken into, and the burglars stole 97 bikes!

The perpetrators loaded two vans up with the bikes. One of the vans was a silver transit van, and the other was a white Iveco transit van. To the customer and future customers, this incident will not affect orders (past or present), JE James Cycles assured.

After the incident, the staff worked to fix the store up so other thefts could be avoided.

The bikes stolen are various Giant Bikes and Dahon’s, the list can be seen below. If you have any information, please contact JE James Cycles at email:, or by phone: 01709 361919.

Bikes Stolen from JE James Cycles

Giant Talon 3 2010
16” x 3
18” x 33
20” x 36

Giant Talon 3 Womens 2010
13.5” x 1
16” x 4
18” x 1

Dahon Matrix Folding Bike 09
Small x 19…

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Halo Wi-Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

halo wi fi bike lock texts bike stolen   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

Now is the future, and Steve Hunt shows us this with his new invention the Halo Bike Lock. If you think this is like your traditional lock, you have another thing coming. When the Halo lock is tampered with, it will send a text message to your phone.

The Halo Bike Lock uses a Wi-Fi card, known as the “Eye-Fi”, which is common in cameras. As of now, you need to make sure your bike is locked up in a Wi-Fi zone, or else the Halo lock will not send out a text message. This is an incredible invention, but the two drawbacks we see are, getting a text message, rushing out to your bike and going toe to toe with a bike thief (maybe not a bad thing for some), or your phone not having reception and coming out to see your bike…

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Trek-Livestrong Bike Stolen from Mellow Johnny’s

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Livestrong Bike Stolen from Mellow Johnnys

trek livestrong bike stolen from mellow johnnys   Trek Livestrong Bike Stolen from Mellow Johnnys

Over the course of this past weekend, somebody made off with a Trek-Livestrong time trial bike from Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin, TX. The Trek Equinox TTX XL was ridden by team member Ryan Baumann in the 2009 season. Ted Arnold, the store’s sales manager, said that the store was broken into early Sunday, but they didn’t think anything was stolen at first. He ended up counting photos taken by Velo News and realized that Baumann’s bike was missing. The stolen bike features custom-painted Bontrager Aero bars, with Baumann’s name on the top tube. It also sports a Bontrager front wheel and Zipp disc rear. The bike is owned by Trek, and is worth about $10,000. The shop will use Twitter to try and recover the bike, as Ted Arnold says, much like Lance Armstrong used it to recover his…

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