pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

2012chrome stock cobra hoodie   2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie

For riders who do not mind spending on a quite pricey but high-quality cycling garment, the 2012 Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie is recommended. In particular, tall and thin riders will find the long cut and cycling-oriented fit of this hoodie perfect.

Built from moleskin cotton, the Stock Cobra Hoodie is distinctly soft and fluffy. In addition, the moleskin cotton material is a heavy fabric that has a dense weave. Thus, it is not only soft but is also very wind-resistant, warm, and durable.

All of the hoodie’s pockets have zippered closures. Across the lower back is a cargo pocket and on the right sleeve is another pocket for keys. There are also two pockets for keeping the hands warm.


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