pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Stereo Bike Co. 3D Catalog

2011 stereo bike co 3d catalog   2011 Stereo Bike Co. 3D Catalog

Seems like all the popular movies are releasing in 3D, so why not start the trend in other areas? This is exactly what Stereo Bike Co. did with their 2011 catalog.

Stereo Bike Co. is the first to create a 3D catalog for BMX bikes (and bikes in general). Giving people that are interested in buying a 2011 Stereo Bike, or retailers a creative look at the line. In fact, they could win a design award.

Known as “Stereo Vision”, the catalog stats “We at Stereo Bikes present a new way of exploring our products: Stereo Vision.” “So put on the 3D High Voltage Vision Goggles and be prepared for a 3D Stereo journey. Go ahead and grab the catalogue, and for the first time in BMX history, you’ll see them like you’ve never seen them before.”

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