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UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

uci stickers of approval gets implemented for 2011   UCI Stickers of Approval Gets Implemented for 2011

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announces that the proposed UCI stickers of approval will push through on 2011 with the coverage extending from frames, forks, handlebars, stems to cycling apparel. In theory, manufacturers can submit their product concepts and blueprints to UCI on or before January 1st of next year. UCI will look through them and give its go-signal for production that passes the level of standardization UCI is enforcing.

The approval committee will be headed by Professor Manson, vice-president of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and also a composite expert. The approved products will be listed on th UCI website.

2009 and 2010 products can obtain backdated approval. As for the negative reception over this new process, UCI states that products carrying the UCI label of approval will be an asset to the manufacturers….

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DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

dmrcolour swarm stem and wingbar   DMRCOLOUR Swarm Stem and Wingbar

DMR introduces the Swarm Stem and Wingbar, quality alloy parts for dirt jump and slopestyle riding. The Swarm Stem has laser etched graphics on its CNC machined body. With a stack height of 30mm, it has a zero degree rise and uses standard mounts. Part of the DMRCOLOUR components, the Swarm Stem has an anodized finish that gives off a shiny appearance yet has a notable anti-scratch quality. Weighing 265 grams, the Swarm Stem is available in red, blue, purple, grey, green and black colors. Retail price is $65.

The Wingbar is made from 6061 heat-treated alloy. The handlebar is double-butted, tapered and bulging in its shape with 38mm rise. DMR made it tough enough to be used on XC, single track and BSX with 726mm in width. Together with the Swarm Stem, the Wingbar comes from the DMRCOLOUR group. This makes it scratch-proof with anodized finish. It has two…

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VCRC Team Handlebar and Stem

pinit fg en rect gray 20   VCRC Team Handlebar and Stem

vcrc team handlebar and stem   VCRC Team Handlebar and Stem

VCRC Bike specializes in making ceramic bearings and for 2011. It releases its latest lightweight alloy product, the Team Handlebar and Stem. VCRC came up with the idea of using full 7050 alloy after countless customers and sponsored riders’ feedback. The bar has a seamless design that is slightly flat on the top with a groove under for cable routing.

The Team handlebar has a 31.8 clamp size, 70mm in reach and 125mm drop. There’s a round bend to make the drops comfortable. Available in 42cm (282g) and 44cm (287g), the Team handlebar retails at $79.

The Team stem matches the Team handlebar with every stroke. It stands firm for sprints or climbs as it is made from 6061 lightweight alloy. The stem measures 41mm stack height with 31.8 oversize clamp, 1 1/8 steerer clamp and a +/-6 degree rise. It comes in sizes of 100mm (160g) 110mm (170g) 120mm (175g).


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2011 Deda Elementi Handlebar and Stem

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Deda Elementi Handlebar and Stem

2011 deda elementi handlebar and stem 1 300x184   2011 Deda Elementi Handlebar and StemFor 2011, Deda Elementi reveals its 35mm stem and handlebar interface at Eurobike 2010. The standard is now at 31.8mm stem and handlebar but Deda Elementi wanted to reach another demographic of cyclists who can handle a plus size bar. The 35mm new handlebar and stem guarantees durability and stability in its design.

The M35 handlebar has a 35mm diameter and weighs 210 grams. It is very stiff during sprints and is round across the full top portion. There’s no need for the top to be taped. It comes in 3 colors, carbon, red and white. The width sizes are 42-44-46cm.

The stem is called the Trentacinque and has a weight of 136 grams. Length sizes are 90-100-110-120-130mm. It has an 82 degree angle and clamp diameter of 35mm. The colors are white, red and black matte.

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2011 Dartmoor Product Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Dartmoor Product Line

2011 dartmoor product line 6   2011 Dartmoor Product Line

Polish brand Dartmoor gives a sneak preview of its 2011 line to be showcased at EuroBike. Here are some products upgraded from 2010 together with other new items.

The dirt jump slopestyle full suspension mtb frame Shine is still one of Dartmoor’s best-sellers. It has butted aluminum 7005 tubes, 100mm travel and can run on singlespeed drive. Headtube sized for 1.5” headset and weighs 2.8kg without shock. It comes in colors of lime, silver and white.

The Cody frame comes in colors of blue, lime and black matte. The frame is muti-butted with seamless CrMo 4130 tubes. The bars are fully heat-treated to make it durable. It has one-piece hydroformed chainstay and internal gusset headtube. It is one of the lightest frames for dirt jumping at 204kg.

Another lightweight frame for dirt jump is the Two6Player. It has butted and heat-treated aluminum 7005 tubes and standard threadless headset. It comes with oval…

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Brooklyn Machine Works Flatrat Stems

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooklyn Machine Works Flatrat Stems

brooklyn machine works flatrat stems   Brooklyn Machine Works Flatrat Stems

Under wraps and in development for sometime now, Brooklyn Machine Works just announced the release of the Flatrat Stems. The Brooklyn Machine Works Flatrat Stems are available in 35mm, 55mm, and 70mm of reach, and a 31.8mm bar clamp diameter. Constructed in the USA, working with 8 series aluminum, the stems weigh in between 220 and 240 grams depending on the size. Your choice of black anodize or white. Retail price is $95.

Source: BMW

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Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

cinellis alter stem reissue   Cinelli Alter Stem Reissue

The Alter Stem from Cinelli will soon be available in an upgraded version. It is said to fit 1 and 1/8th steer tubes with a shim to go along with it. The stem will also accommodate oversized handlebars. There is still no information as to whether Cinelli will be releasing the 26.0 or the 25.4 option in its new Alter Stem suped-up version.

Cinelli has been busy pumping the market full of innovations. The re-issuance of their amazing looking Alter Stem is about hitting the mark of the cycling world. Who knows what they’ve got cooking for the rest of the year. Our finger are crossed, though. …

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