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2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley, + Roper Steel Cross/City Bikes

2013 raleigh tripper furley roper steel cross city bikes   2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley, + Roper Steel Cross/City Bikes

Raleigh had an amazing lineup for 2013 out at the Sea Otter Classic. One bike we showed you was the RXC Pro Disc Cross, and now we showcase the Tripper, Furley and Roper.

The 2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley and Roper are not just your typical steel cross bikes, but a great introduction to the sport. You can also use them as a daily commuter.

Known as the Landlord series, the Tripper, Furley and Roper share the same steel frame, but each is unique by its drivetrain.

The 2013 Furley is a single speed and the Roper uses gears, both models come with drop bars.

The new model added to the group, the Tripper features a 3-Speed internal hub, one piece bar, headset and stem combo.

Specific MSRP wasn’t known at the time, but Raleigh said they should be around $850 for the Furley, $1000 for the Tripper and $1400 for the Roper….

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2012 Masi Gran Criterium Steel Road Bike

2012 masi gran criterium steel road bike   2012 Masi Gran Criterium Steel Road Bike

Masi Bicycles has launched its legendary steel road bike called Gran Criterium for 2012. Built from Reynolds 525 double-butted chromoly steel material, this road bike weighs 9.57kg combining light weight, stiffness, and topnotch ride characteristics.

In designing the Gran Criterium, Masi considered all the characteristics of traditional lugged bikes and reversed the color schemes. As a result, the road bike boasts not only high-quality components but also a nice chrome plated black lugged aesthetics.

Carefully styled, the 2012 Masi Gran Criterium Steel Road Bike is the epitome of a modern classic cycling machine, thanks to its elegant lugs and Reynolds 525 tubing and its Shimano 105 shifters, derailleurs, brakes, and a compact crankset with an integrated bottom bracket.

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2012 Masi Speciale Strada Steel Road Bike

2012 masi speciale strada steel road bike   2012 Masi Speciale Strada Steel Road Bike

For those who are looking for a steel road bike, one of the latest steel road machines for 2012 is the Speciale Strada, which was released by Masi Bicycles. This is perfect for riders who are looking for something different, which does not cost an arm and a leg.

Weighing in at 10.89kg, the Speciale Strada is a 100% chromoly steel that uses neither seamed nor high tensile steel tubing. This means that the material offers the tolerances necessary to maintain both ride quality and low price.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the 2012 Masi Speciale Strada Steel Road Bike offers nothing but a reliable performance on the road. Other steel features are the lugged chromoly steel fork and the steel toeclips of the Brev. M pedals, which also have nice leather accents.

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2012 Genesis Classic Flyer Steel Road Bike

2012 genesis classic flyer steel road bike   2012 Genesis Classic Flyer Steel Road Bike
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Simple but good-looking, the 2012 Genesis Classic Flyer Steel Road Bike combines clean looks and high-quality components. Built from Reynolds 725 and a chromoly fork with Shimano tube shifters, this low-maintenance easy-to-repair steel road bike is a reliable machine for city rides.

The Classic Flyer is released by Genesis Bikes as a geared version of its well-known singlespeed Flyer model. Dura-Ace downtube shifters and gears are added for an extra option and to make this new model unique and special.

While the neat and classic aesthetics of the original Flyer model is maintained by the downtube shifters, an exquisite purple paint job is added. Instead of the newer 10-speed, the new Classic Flyer still gets nine-speed for downtube shifter compatibility and for better value.


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2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike

2012 specialized langster steel road bike   2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike
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A good-looking steel road bike called Langster has been released by Specialized for 2012. Having just one gear and no brakes, this is the ideal machine for riders who are fond of challenges and adventures. Riding position and bike aesthetics were made perfect by the classic steel track-drop handlebar.

What provides the frame of the Langster a signature steel feel and a classic look is the Reynolds 520 steel tubing. Retro looks and solid support are achieved by the bike’s traditional minimalist saddle, which comes with copper rivets.

To tackle rough roads and tracks with ease, the 2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike has timeless steel forks that guarantee handling accuracy and durability. Moreover, its retro frame is nicely complemented by the classic 1in quill track stem.

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2011 Wabi Classic Steel Fixie

2011 wabi classic steel fixie   2011 Wabi Classic Steel Fixie

Wabi Cycles has updated its steel fixie called The Classic for 2011. Weighing in at 19lbs, this steel bike combines the advantages of being classic and having a lighter weight. This is achieved through an outstanding component group, great updates, and the hand built tig-welded Reynolds 725 frame.

Along with the frame comes road-inspired geometry. At the drop outs, rack and fender mounts were discreetly placed on the inside of the fork blades and seat stays. Moreover, the bike has a new lighter stem and was modified to accept fatter tires, up to 32mm wide.

Aside from the updated traditional headset to a press fit version, a second set of bottle bosses on the seat tube were added for more efficient hydration. Modified with excellent updates and upgrades, the 2011 Wabi Classis Steel Fixie is a beautiful modern bike.

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