pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley x Staple   Eyeshade & Radar

oakley staple eyeshade radar   Oakley x Staple   Eyeshade & Radar

Oakley and Staple Design have collaborated on two new sunglasses that have released in limited numbers, which are the Eyeshade and Radar. In total, 6 sunglasses will release, which also includes the Jawbone, Razor Blade, Holbrook, and Frogskin.

Although the Eyeshade and Radar Oakley x Staple are not “influenced” by cycling, the sunglasses are used quite frequently. The Eyeshades are inspired by tennis, and the Radar by golf.

Oakley’s Eyeshade was originally released in 1984, and as you can see the frame is made of tennis ball fuzz, which is electro statically adhered to the plastic. Comes with two interchangeable lenses, one a laser emerald iridium with tennis court lines, and clean Grey tint. Only 150 pieces released world wide, and available at top tier Oakley accounts.

The Oakley x Staple Radar is 100% gold inspired, with the same golf ball indents throughout the frame, grass green…

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